Could a massive cavity in one of my molars cause an increase in white blood cells on blood work? : Dentistry


So I have been getting a lot of blood tests done within the past 6 months, and they have noticed a consistent amount of high levels of white blood cells in my blood. They kept asking me if I had a cold, if I was recently sick or currently fighting an infection.

First test was in December 2018 and I did have an on and off cold so attributed it to that. Second in Jan and still elevated with no recent illness. February it is still elevated. Again in mid March they are elevated. I couldn’t think of anything going on.

I finally got a crown on my tooth at the end of March. When I went back for my test and of April it was lower but still high. It is not June and the last one I took was still high but much lower. Could my tooth have caused them to spike? I didn’t even think of this whenever they asked.


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