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Permanent Crown started to have some pain 5 days after procedure : Dentistry

Recently a crown I got dne 3 months ago on one of my molars came off while I was flossing one morning. Since it was a Saturday and my dentist is closed on the weekends I had to wait until Monday to schedule an appointment. I got to see the dentist on Tuesday and I thought they were just going to put the crown back on but he decided to just give me a new crown no charge. It was one of those one day crown procedures.

The next day my dentists office calls me and asks how the tooth was to follow up .. and I told them it was fine.. I didn’t have any issues. But now it’s 5 days after I got the new crown put on and now I have a slight pain in that tooth. sigh i thought I was done with all this tooth pain.

Does tooth pain usually occur days after getting a new crown put in?

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Flying with Abscess or after extraction

Flying with Abscess or after extraction


I posted earlier on this sub but my new question is different and I figured I would post a separate question for others who may search the same thing. I would appreciate any advice.

Context: I am a 25 year old male. My number 15 molar tooth has had 2 root canal treatments but acted up recently . My dentist and oral surgeon recommend it be extracted as there is likely an abscess. It hurt when I was chewing or biting for 1.5 days last week, then stopped. This prompted my visit to my dentist. It hasn’t hurt since, but my dentist put me on Amoxicillin just to be safe.

I am going on a 3 day trip and flying on a 5 hour flight next Friday that I can’t miss. I am debating whether to extract the tooth on Monday and have 4 days of rest before the flight, or whether to wait till after.

Xrays of the tooth: (with highlighted area: )


  1. If I choose not to extract until after my trip and fly with the tooth as it currently is (previously root cannaled but likely abscessed), is it likely for the pressure of the plane to cause pain? My dentist says I should be fine, but I have heard and read it can be painful.

  2. If I choose to extract on Monday, would 4 days be enough healing time to take a flight and go on a trip?

  3. If I choose to extract on Monday, can I consume alcohol 5 days after the extraction?

I am most concerned about question #1. My preference is to wait until I return to extract the tooth but I am worried after reading online that it will become very painful during flight. I have been given another

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Braces almost off but I switched offices : Dentistry

I’ve had braces for over 2 years and I’m supposed to be getting them off shortly. I switched orthodontist offices and they took off basically everything I had on “because my teeth looked good and he wants them to settle” so they only have a wire on 4 teeth on top and 4 on bottom. I’m kind of sketched, because I think my teeth will go back to how they were. And they’re doing this to get more money. Am I overthinking or does this make sense?

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My wisdom tooth officially died today, potentially gross : Dentistry

My wisdom tooth officially died today, potentially gross : Dentistry

Although I’ve had a relatively good dental routine for the last several months, there was a period of my life where I rarely brushed my teeth, going weeks or months between brushings. Today while going through my usual routine, while swishing my mouth wash around, I suddenly felt several solid chips of tooth, and after spitting it out and feeling with my finger, I confirmed that one of my teeth had just fallen apart. It caught me off guard because I haven’t had any pain in that tooth or any nearby teeth, nor have I experienced any problems with it. After looking at it closer I realized it was one of my wisdom teeth.

My question is essentially, is it possible that this tooth dying is not because of poor dental hygiene? I’ve heard of wisdom teeth dying on their own, regardless of how good or bad the person’s dental hygiene was. It would break my heart to know that my neglect has led to at least one tooth completely dying, and really scary to think that others could suffer the same fate, unable to do anything about it.

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Going back after filling : Dentistry

Is it normal to have to go back after a filling to get teeth polished? I dread fillings because my teeth no longer have the smooth texture while flossing in between teeth. It feels quite jagged but no floss breaks. I think I’ve had to go back every time I had a filling done… just wondering if this is a common thing?

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Cavity to Root Canal? : Dentistry

I just saw a Dr who said my filling for the cavity broke off and it is important to fill it back before it reaches the root. Keep in mind I have no idea how this works. He couldn’t do the filling today. How urgent is the next appointment? I really don’t want to end up with a root canal.

Pain wise I can still eat, usually something hot or cold will give a slight discomfort but eases away. Just feels “sore” around that area after my cleaning. How soon should I schedule this? How can I avoid a root canal?

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