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I either chipped a chunk of tartar or a molar or something... : Dentistry

I either chipped a chunk of tartar or a molar or something… : Dentistry

So I haven’t been to a dentist in, well, at least a decade due to many many poor life choices and circumstances. Today something chipped off what I assume is a molar (or a wisdom tooth?) and now there is a jagged bit that is making speaking or anything else requiring my tongue to change shape back there painful. Is there anything I can do at home to remedy this? Or do I need to go in to have it dealt with? It’s the obvious pointy bit in the back seen here

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Significant pain after deep filling — what is happening and what should I do? : Dentistry


I would like to preface this by saying that I have never had regular dentist appointments in my life and I regret it. I went to the dentist after having weeks of pain when biting down, went to two different dentists, and ended up needing 6 fillings.

One was so large that both dentists thought I might need a root canal, it was between two molars on my upper left side. That was where I was having pain when chewing foods that was sharp instantaneous.

Over a two week period I had 4 of the 6 fillings completed. I had experienced normal discomfort immediately after, and some sensitivity, but I wasn’t concerned by that. It has been two weeks since the “potential root canal” filling and one week since the three other fillings, all molars.

Anyway, I have had radiating pain on my right side that I wasn’t sure was severe or not. It radiated from where I had my operation to other teeth around the area and up to my ear. It’s annoying but happens only in the evening, tylenol usually taking care of it after 15 minutes. I was going to call my dentist tomorrow because of this, asking if it were normal. As I was thinking on this, and while also eating, I started to chew on the left side of my mouth and I get a sharp pain that brought tears to my eyes.

After the sharp pain, which I would say was about an 8 out of 10 if a 10 were having your fingernail forcefully removed, the pain turned into a radiating ache not unlike the right side. Now, with both sides of my mouth sore, I am miserable. I took tylenol and the pain has mostly gone away after 15 minutes, but

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Proper retainer care? : Dentistry

What is the proper way to clean a retainer. I got my braces off last month and have been on retainer so far. I think my retainer isn’t getting cleaned well enough, maybe I’m doing it wrong? My dentist said to brush my retainer with a toothbrush and hand soap whenever I brush/take it off. And when I start wearing it only at night, to soak it in something, I forgot what is was. What is the proper way? I wear is every day, throughout. So should I brush it, cuz there still dirt on it I can’t get off. Or should I soak it in something kind of cleaner, or just water, overnight?

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White soft stuff in my extraction site . Any advice? : Dentistry

I had a surgical extraction with stitches on Saturday. Three days later I have non hard white stuff in my tooth socket and sides of gums. It’s not hard; it’s rubbery/soft. I was told by a different dentist I have root left behind. I should just get it removed from the oral surgeon who did it. My oral surgeon said there was nothing there and refuses to remove anything. At the time, this white stuff wasn’t showing when I went to him. I tried to call their office again and they hung up on me when I mentioned my name. The other dentist had it on xray. What to do? I thought tooth fragments were hard. Is it safe to keep it there?

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All your conventional braces questions answered

Why choose Smile Solutions for Invisalign treatment?

Smile Solutions is the only Blue Diamond Invisalign Provider in Melbourne, which means that we have created more Invisalign smiles than any other dental clinic in Melbourne. We’re the only provider in Australia to have achieved Blue Diamond Status for three consecutive years, obtaining the status in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

At Smile Solutions your treatment will be carried out by one of our registered specialist orthodontists, not a general dentist. Specialist orthodontists complete a university postgraduate degree specialising in tooth and jaw correction and these specialists will assess your suitability for Invisalign and perform your treatment. You can have complete confidence in the care you receive and the final outcome.

Following your free consultation with your treatment coordinator, you will receive a comprehensive quote detailing all anticipated costs before proceeding so you are completely aware of fees for all treatment, appointments and aligners for the duration of your Invisalign treatment.

We offer a choice of payment methods including interest free payment plan taking the pressure off affordability when making a big change in your life. Smile Solutions will also price match any written quote for identical treatment prescribed by an Australian Dental Board-registered specialist orthodontist.

During your treatment you will also enjoy some of the best views of Melbourne from the peak of the lovingly restored orthodontic tower in the centrally located Manchester Unity Building.

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Is swelling and purplish discoloration around crown normal after 11 days in peds patient? : Dentistry

Hello. My child had two stainless steel crowns placed on two of her baby teeth molars 11 days ago. The day she got them I noticed her gums right above it looked purple, and online said discoloration can be normal for a few days. Now we are 11 days out and am still noticing swelling and purplish gums above the two teeth. Im not sure if they put the crowns too close to the gum line or if she is allergic to the metal. She doesnt complain of pain, it just still looks very swollen and purple. Cannot submit a picture since the sub wont allow it. I couldnt really find any information on purple gums either.

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