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Deprogrammer soreness normal? : Dentistry

Please help.

It’s Thursday, 4am, and I picked up an occlusal guard “deprogrammer” on Tuesday (I thought this was just a mouth guard, but I might be wrong). I didn’t have headaches or anything like that before using this. They just said that I clench/grind in my sleep and it was wearing down my teeth, so I agreed to pay nearly 400 bucks for this piece of plastic. Well, it’s causing soreness in my cheekbones and I’m hoping this pain will subside? All I was told was that it might be uncomfortable, but I assumed that as people don’t normally sleep with something in their mouth. I didn’t realize soreness was a possibility.

My main question is: IS soreness a possibility? Is this supposed to be happening? Or is it causing more damage as a result? The thing is, I’m upset about the possibility of having to go back to the dentist. These people had me do x rays day one, and I was supposed to do cleaning same day, but they apologized for being overbooked and had me reschedule a second visit to do the cleaning, then I did the impressions day of cleaning and had to come back about 2 or 3 weeks later to pick up the mouthguard. In the process of all this, they overcharged me twice, but took it off (though I doubt they would have said anything if I hadn’t asked them to). I’m a new patient here and want to have 1 dentist that I like and return to for the sake of my dental health, but I haven’t had a great experience yet. Please tell me that this “deprogrammer” situation isn’t their final nail in the coffin, and it IS doing what it’s supposed to?

PS: Will ibuprofen help???

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Removing abscess from front teeth. Question! : Dentistry

Hello, so I’m going to make an appointment because I have a pretty bad infection on my front tooth from a root canal many years ago. I had to save up money for 2 years before I can make this appointment (yay America!).

The doctor said it will take about 50 minuets. They’ll put me to sleep.

Now the real question is this.

Will there be a lot of blood post op? And a lot of pain?

I’m pretty sensitive to blood taste and it makes me very nauseous.

Also, will being put to sleep for 50 minuets-1 hour cause vomiting after the operation?

Thanks a bunch 🙂

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First retainer is totaled after 4 years, second one makes middle tooth gap show up again : Dentistry

I’ve been doing the invisible braces thing since i was 12-14? Can’t remember. Mom took care of that. After been done with the alignment process, doc gave me up and down retainers to wear every night. Fast forward 4 years after treatment (I’m now 21yrs old), I needed to get a second pair to replace the old ones because of significant cracks.

2 months in wearing the new ones (fit was weird the first week), I start to notice that my center tooth gap is showing again? Is that a thing? It ha started getting really tiring wearing these crap, which nobody asked me about the first time.

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Research for Exs major : Dentistry

Hey guys, I’m in exs 493 which is the research class for my major. We have to write an introduction and methods for a research project and get it IRB approved and then next semester in 494 we will actually do the research. As of right now my plan is to strap a heart rate monitor on the subjects and play three videos: one calm video, one intended to scare, and then a video of dental work being done to someone. My hypothesis is that their heart rate will go up during the dental video due to dental phobia. The other videos are just to prove heart rate doesn’t go up just from any video. After, I will have the subjects take a survey asking about their relationship with their dentist if it is personal or not and stuff like that. I’m predicting those who know there dentists on a very personal level won’t have such increased HR. Also, I’m going to try and monitor brain activity to see what goes off during the videos. Any advice or tweaks?

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Premolar location moving, it is fine?

Hi, a quick question, I googled over and over and couldn't find anything.

A few days ago I got a cheek infection. Most likely because of high stress and got into a fight with my wife. The infection had moved from my cheek to my bottom molars. They were super sore and painful for about two days. The molars are fine now but the infection had moved to my pre molars. And because of the inflammation its very clear that the middle pre molar had been squeezed and is now jutting towards the inside of my mouth. The pressure on the poor molar is also very concerning.

Will it be fine and move back to its original position once the inflammation dies down or should I see a dentist asap.

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Bone or tooth remnant under gums : Dentistry

I am just under a month post OP from having all teeth surgically extracted. Had a follow up with my oral surgeon at 2 weeks and have another appointment on November 6.

I have been rinsing with salt water 3x daily and have slowly been adding items to my diet that are easily consumed as per the doctor.

Two days ago, a bone or tooth fragment came loose while I was rinsing. Tonight I noticed a hard and somewhat sharp lump under the gums just at the corner of my mouth. It’s not painful .

Should I contact my oral surgeon on Monday or can it wait until my appointment? I don’t have a lot of experience with good dental health or extractions, so pardon my ignorance/dumb.

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