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Associate Running Practice : Dentistry

I’m still a junior econ/pre-dental major in college trying to figure out what do with my life and so am not familiar with all the expenses, so I’m asking you guys.

Shouldn’t it be possible to build dental practices and rely on associates to do all the dental work, while you manage the business aspect? Like let’s say one associate nets 200k in profit from one practice and I take, say 25%, amounting to 50k in this case. Is this practical in any way? What am I missing here?

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Front teeth keep chipping? : Dentistry

Help! This happened a few months ago, I got them bonded (I think that’s what it’s called) but it just happened again. Last time my left front tooth chipped after literally eating grapes and rice with hummus. I just noticed another chip today in the middle of the afternoon after not even having eaten anything in several hours.

Concerns I have:

-history of an eating disorder

-still underweight, no menstruation for 10 years which means messed up hormones which means bone density loss (30 years old and female)

-vegan diet- calcium level in diet is ok, I eat lots of fruits though which I know are acidic (I eat 3 meals a day, no snacks, fruit with every meal and green smoothie with breakfast every morning)

-apple cider vinegar every night on veggies

-I do rinse my mouth with water after eating

-oral B electric toothbrush, could I be pushing too hard? (I really try to do it lightly)

My dentist:

-had no concerns about any of the above

-says that my anxiety is making me grind my teeth at night (he showed me how the front teeth line up at the edges from wearing down when I grind) and that I should wear my clear plastic retainer every night instead of three times a week like I had been (I have been wearing them every night since then, but I still got another chip)

-not concerned about the tiny vertical lines I see in my teeth that look like cracks

I appreciate any help or advice you may have. My dentist is really cool and laid back but sometimes I worry he’s TOO chill when there should be cause for concern. Thank you!!

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Dental School Debt : Dentistry

I just got accepted at a dental school. As excited as I am, I’m kind of overwhelmed with the amount of student loans I would have to take out. Currently, I’m looking at over $500,000. I was wondering if this is a cost that is unrealistic to repay considering the outlook on a future dentist salary. As passionate as I am about the field, the reality of the loans is holding me back. Any guidance or insight anyone can give me would be super helpful in regards to the reality of repaying such an extreme amount.

Thank you.

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Root canal after care pain questions : Dentistry

I just got a root canal 2 days ago on Friday. It was on #25 I believe. My bottom front tooth. The first day I felt fine but yesterday I had some pressure/throbbing pain and today I have a little pain. I was prescribed antibiotics as well that I’ve been taking every 8 hours. I’m hoping if there’s still infection the antibiotics take care of it quickly as that is what I believe caused the throbbing pain. I also have a bruise-like pain in my gum which i think is from the injection.

My questions are: does all of this seem normal? My dentist didn’t really give me too much info for after. He said all my pain should be managed by Advil.

How long should I expect this pain to last? What should I look out for that I should contact my dentist about?

Any advice is appreciated.


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How to start looking into restorative dental care? : Dentistry

Hey all. I’m 33/m, and I’ve never had a great experience with my teeth. My dad and my grandfather also have bad teeth, and I just assumed that’s what happens to us. It just turns out that none of us were taught the importance of going the dentist and properly taking care of oral health. That beig said, pretty much the only times I’ve been to the dentist have been for extractions when in extreme pain for a toothache.

I can’t take it anymore. I’m about to take a loan for restorative dental work, but… I’m super confused on where to start. I naturally want the simplest, fastest, best-looking, most-durable, and most effective treatment options I can afford. But what falls under “restorative” or “cosmetic”? Is it situational? I have several teeth missing/broken/chipped/rotted, and the last time I went to the dentist to talk about having work done, she was super rude and said, “Did you even plan on keeping ANY of these teeth?” And I fired back, “yeah of course, I planned on keeping all of them, but that didn’t work out and that’s why you’re getting paid.” They’re bad, but not bad enough for someone to talk to me that way.

Long story short – I know I want to restore my smile SOMEHOW- I just don’t know where to start or what my best options are. Do I just go to any old dentist and then get a referral, or do I need nan oral surgeon? Does all-on-4 fall under being “medically necessary” (and if there’s a line, where does it fall)?

Just don’t know where to start! Too many questions!

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Tooth Extraction sour taste concerns : Dentistry

Got 3 bottom molars out 6 days ago and altho I haven’t had any known issues with dry socket thankfully, the taste of metal/salty something is getting worse as the extraction is healing. It’s almost been 24/7 the past day or 2 and recently been feeling more pain up one side of my head and ear. Anyone has any experience on this that could save my a trip back to the dentist or am I stressing too much. Thanks

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Had a surgery to remove a fibrosis from the tip of my tongue 3 months ago, and my tongue still feels weird. : Dentistry

3 months ago, I had surgery to remove a fibrosis, which was like a pimple that I’ve had for 5 years. I’ve had it removed since and when my tongue “healed” in about a month.

Now I have been feeling a discomfort since November.

It feels like if I burned my tongue with coffee or something hot and the feeling remained forever. Tongue tip is also disproportionate but that doesn’t bother me since it’s barely noticeable

Is this fixable or am I screwed? I don’t care if my tongue looks weird. I just want to get rid of this awful sensation. Will I have to undergo surgery again?

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About to get two teeth pulled but won’t be able to afford dental implants for a long, long time. Is there a set period of time in which you need to get implants? : Dentistry

Don’t have money for it right now. Probably won’t enough to get them fixed for a year, or two, possibly longer. Is there a set period of time in which if you don’t get the implants you are no longer able to? Will there be any complications with waiting a long period of time after getting teeth pulled before getting dental implants? Are there any temporary solution for the missing teeth to help me chew food? Anything else I should be aware of?

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