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8 Effective Ways to Get Your Child Brushing Their Teeth

It may be a difficult task for you to guide your child towards a healthy dental routine, but it is something that should not be neglected. You are surely not the only one who struggles with this.

There may be complications you come across when teaching your child to learn how to brush properly, however, it will surely be worth it in the long run. This is they would get into the habit and continue to follow the dental routine they were taught as they grow.

Guidance can be brought upon all children with different brushing techniques and it is significant to know which method is the best and effective.

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Here are 8 fun tricks that may motivate your child to brush more and enjoy it:

  • 01Make the toothbrush choice, your child’s choice . Let your kid pick out his or her own toothbrush. This could be based on being colored, cartoon themed or even the ones that light up when it is squeezed. There are various options available in the market to choose from. In preference, you can buy matching toothbrushes just for you and your little one such as with their colors.
    Just remember to make sure the toothbrush is a soft bristled one. If it is not a soft bristled toothbrush, this could do the opposite from taking care of the teeth and gums. Harsh brushing with tougher bristles may lead to damage onto the gums.

  • 02Practice together with your kid. Practice definitely makes perfect. Let your child enjoy while they practice brushing the teeth of their favorite stuffed animal. You may even let him brush yours too! When they are done, give them a chance to brush their own teeth next. Be sure to

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Crack below gum line upper second molar, any way to save tooth without extraction???? : Dentistry

Hi, I had a crack on my upper second to last molar, this tooth already had a preexisting silver filling, so I got the loose part of the tooth removed by the dentist and I was given some type of yellow cap(idk what it’s called) but it’s placed in the spot that was removed. So I’ve been told that the whole tooth might need to be extracted at the next checkup but Is there any way to save it???????

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How urgent is my wisdom tooth cavity situation? : Dentistry

One of my wisdom teeth, which is not impacted and grew in fine, has a pretty large cavity on it. It’s been like that for a long while now. I’ve noticed recently when I floss between the wisdom tooth and the next tooth that there is a smell on the dental floss. Sometimes, I’ll get a taste similar to bad food if I flick my tongue over it, but not always. Despite flossing regularly there, the smell seems to persist. It’s not very strong, though.

Obviously the tooth needs to be worked on or extracted, but I was wondering how urgent it was. I start a new job in February and in a few months I’ll have dental insurance, which will cover a large portion of the procedure needed, but I don’t want to delay in case there’s an infection.

I don’t have any growths on my gums, my face isn’t swollen, and I don’t have any pain in the tooth. it’s not sensitive to hot, cold, or pressure either. But I imagine there could be issues that just aren’t visible. I’ve gone to the dentist a lot lately and though the taste / smell thing seems new (I might just not have noticed before), the dentist said the cavity itself wasn’t urgent after X-rays.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Glass ionomer off : Dentistry

Yesterday, 3 hours after my glass ionomer was put at the dentist, the half of its (top?) layers was taken off after I ate a sandwich.

The other half is still there in tact, but the other half is off and I could see the other GI under it. So it really seems like only the top? Layer of it was taken off.

Question, should I go back to the dentist tomorrow to have it redone? Thank you!

( in 2 weeks anyway I’m about to have my crown or permanent fillings with our family dentist , still to be discussed with her, because my root canal treatment and glass ionomer was actually taken care of this other dentist, by our family dentist’s referral also, because she said she couldn’t assure she’d do a good job with doing root canal treatment on my molars. So yeah should I go back tomorrow to the dentist that was in charge with my RCT and GI? )


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Scared to get root canal any advice please? : Dentistry

So I’m due root canal on Monday for a cavity tooth this same tooth was given a filling back in December the dentist said root canal would be the only option to save the tooth. I’m really scared to get root canal I’ve heard horrible stories about it and I’m also scared for the after effects will I be in pain all week etc. It’s my 1st molar at the top. Any advice please? Thank u

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ANUG persisting pain after deep clean : Dentistry

I got diagnosed with acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis about 3 days ago. The dentist did a professional clean, and prescribed some mouthwash with chlorhexidine.

The pain in my gums has since continued to persist (not as bad but still consistent), and my lymph nodes are both swollen now. (Previously, only 1 was slightly swollen).

Is this normal given the deep clean likely irritated all of the sensitive tissue, or should I be going back to follow up with further treatment options.

I’m coming to reddit first because I can’t afford dental work (unemployed), and was only able to see this dentist as an emergency funded appointment.

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