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Bachelors in dental hygiene -questions- : Dentistry

Im currently living in Oahu, Hawaii.

And there is only one accredited dental program on the island and that is UH manoa. None of the community colleges offer dental hygiene programs.

I am currently trying to finish my pre requisites to apply for their dental program, which is super competitive. Application is once a year.

Once a year application, and they only accept 16 college students per year into the program.

I heard that to work at a private dental office, only an associates is required.

Associates in dental hygiene as well as passing your board exam and getting your license.

So since I’m going to be in the bachelors program.

Would half of that be considered an associates? If I get 60 credits would it be equivalent and I’m able to take the test?

I want to work at a dental office shadowing atleast while I finish up my bachelors. So when I’m finished, I will have experience.

So question is, if I finish half of the program, 60 credits, would I be able to apply for my license and start working?

Since you’re not technically awarded an Associates degree.

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Periodontitis and smoking/nicotine products : Dentistry

Hi I’m new to this so wondering if anyone would be able to help Last time I went to the dentist was in January I was told I had moderate to advanced periodontitis and that I needed to quit smoking or I would end up losing teeth BTW I’m only 26 but have been a smoker since 11 also didn’t take care of my teeth aswell as I should have, I also had braces in my teen years and the neglect whilst having braces causes other damage and permanent dark stains on some teeth Nevertheless I was still completely shocked when losing teeth was mentioned I now have a vigorous teeth brushing and flossing routine. I brush twice a day for five minutes a time, I’ve purchased a water pik and spent a fair amount of money on corsydyl mouthwashes and toothpastes and yet my teeth at this very moment seem worse than they have ever been before Going back to my January appointment he said I would need a root planing but he wasn’t willing to put me on a treatment plan until I quit smoking I’ve really really struggled with quitting I also am a weed smoker although I’ve struggled I have cut down to the lowest I have ever been I smoke no more than 5 a day that includes 3 small weed and tobacco cigarettes and 2 normal cigarettes. I use nicotine pouches in between aswell but yet now I am having all these issues with my gums and extremely dry mouth Now I’m aware weed causes dry mouth but it’s never made it as dry as It is at this current moment and I don’t understand why this is. Why now am I getting all these problems even when I am using the waterpik after

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Infected Molar Needs Extraction : Dentistry

Good morning,

A few days back (Saturday) I went to the dentist due to really bad pain coming from my #18 (bottom left molar, farthest back) – although I originally thought it was the tooth above it.

They took xrays and examined the area – the tooth I thought was having an issue is fine, however I was told the #18 has a fracture/chipped off in the back (it has a filling in it, but the backside of tooth fractured off?) and that there was some infection in the root.

They referred me to an oral surgeon for extraction due to my high anxiety/pain intolerance.

They also prescribed me antibiotics (Amoxicillin 500mg), Tylenol #3(I get more relief from OTC extra strength so using those instead, and Ibuprofen 800.

I have been taking AB on schedule and it’s now the start of day 3 (I started Sunday morning when I picked up scrip).

I’ve noticed an increase in pain in flare-ups, like it’s radiating farther beyond the original site – the left side of my tongue, jaw, and area around the tooth are sore.

They had said the AB should clear up the pain and swelling making the extraction easier. My questions are – how long until I feel pain relief due to the AB?

Do I need to finish my rounds of AB before getting tooth extracted?

I believe there’s still some sensitivity to hot/cold on it – would this affect the decision on when to pull it?

Thank you for any advice!

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Just pulled a molar out... please look lol... : Dentistry

Just pulled a molar out… please look lol… : Dentistry

Back story, I remember when I was 16 I got a root cannel or one part of it and never went back to the dentist. It’s been rotting for the last 13 years and tonight it was achy and loose so I pulled it. I pushed up on the side with my nail and was able to get both sides loose and then pulled up and the tooth came out. I did use pliers and a flat head as well, washed and doused them in 91 alcohol.

What should I look out for, and does it look like the whole tooth came out lol. Pain isn’t bad and bleeding has gone down significantly. The tooth was the second to last one on my left bottom.

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My gums have been receeding for some time now but only now I noticed the tartar (?) buildup seems to be already bellow the gum line? : Dentistry

My gums have been receeding for some time now but only now I noticed the tartar (?) buildup seems to be already bellow the gum line? : Dentistry


Here’s a pic. This is maybe my worst case. I’m pushing 40 and never had many dental care (I’m the one to blame). My teeth are considerably big and my bite is quite open otherwise teeth are somewhat aligned. Used braces during my teen years but the last one was during sleep only (some kind of pushing thing wrapped around the head) and it was so unconfortable and messing with my sleep and day that I put it aside and never came back to it. I havn’t been to a dentist for maybe 15 years but in the last ones my country started to have dentist apointments in the national health system. I went to two, last december and the next january to do a cleaning. She said all was good I just need to be consistent with brushing/flossing. I don’t belive it the least and so I am looking for a private one, as I feel shes not very interested in the job (long story, from what I saw).

Anyway, Covid-19 happened and I think with all the stress and bad sleep my issues have worsen. Trying to get an appointment as soon as they reopen but I wanted to ask if this build up is already under the gum? These last 2 days it hurt a bit and I noticed it receeded a milimeter or so but the yellow build up also appeard so suddently that it seems it was already there. If so, is this a case of where I need root scaling (not sure what it is but I’ve been reading this sub recently)? Can the gum regenerate after treatment or will I have that “drop” on the gum forever? Are there any treatments or procedures to fix it? I have it on other teeth

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need advice from fellow dentists : Dentistry

hey guys. slight backstory. i am a dentist who graduated about 2 years ago. i worked for a year in a hospital after graduation following which my contract ended. after this i struggled to find a job and have now gone over 6 months without a job as a dentist. the pandemic has resulted in job opportunities also plummeting

main reason for post is i have always had an anxiety issue which of course was exacerbated during dental school. i would consider myself having a high functioning anxiety. but it definitely takes a toll because of the constant fear, overthinking and stress i feel daily. once corona ends ill need to really do my best to find a job as im struggling financially. but i have a large amount of fear. fear to practice dentistry. im scared to practice, scared to do an endo, just plain scared. knowing that im scared to do the one thing i studied so long to do is scary in itself.

i just need some advice on what i can do to alleviate this fear. will it ever go. spending 5 years to become a dentist then being too afraid to be a dentist… its embarrassing, sad and im pretty lost in my life now. if i was a wealthy man i just wouldn’t bother going back to dentistry, but im not and need the money.

i just want any guidance

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Malocclusion after braces : Dentistry

I had braces between the ages of 16 and 18. I have worn my retainer religiously for over a year but I am really unhappy with my results. My teeth have shifted a lot in this time, which my dentist noted I had malocclusion. I have had considerable amount of pain since having braces removed: intense tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, and I’ve also had multiple fillings which I’d never needed before braces. My dentist recommended a night guard after examining my teeth. I already wear plastic retainers at night and so my orthodontist told me that it wasn’t an option. I’m not sure what else I can do but I’d love to close up the gap between my front teeth and somehow fix my misaligned bite. My orthodontist had mentioned jaw surgery at the beginning of treatment but it hasn’t been brought up since. Would this be something to consider?

Some background if it’s needed: I sucked my thumb constantly as a child which created a severe overbite and gap between my front two teeth. I wasn’t able to see an orthodontist until I was 16. They rushed treatment as my case was so severe meaning that I did not have teeth removed as most people do.

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Gum sensitivity after fillings : Dentistry

I had 2 fillings re-done 2 weeks ago – top and bottom on the right back side. Everything seems to have been fine until a few days ago when I noticed my gums were inflamed around both teeth. It seems to come and go and pressure provides some relief (toothpick or end of a plastic flosser). I’m not sure if it’s related, but I have noticed when flossing that there is more space in between teeth than before and the space on the lower one seems to go quite deep now, making it more difficult to floss. But I feel like I can floss the upper one just fine and I am having just as much inflammation there. Is this normal or do I need to go back and get it checked out? I’m pregnant and am really trying to avoid going out as much as possible. (Maybe pregnancy is contributing to the inflammation?)

Possibly relevant: I clench and grind my teeth at night like crazy and always have. I wear a guard, but I’m pretty sure the teeth in question still receive a substantial amount of pressure.

Side question: should I invest in one of those water pick flossers if I’m now having trouble flossing the difficult area? My teeth are really sensitive to cold, so I’ve always been wary of them.

Any advice would be really appreciated!

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