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Deep cleaning and now crown pain : Dentistry

Last October I had a deep cleaning procedure done. A few weeks after I had my deep cleaning, one of my crowns started to throb and feel sensitive. I have had this crown for 4 years and it had never caused me pain until after the deep cleaning. I went back to the dentist and she said I needed a cavity filled next to the crown and that there was no issue with the crown itself. Got the cavity filled, but a few months later the crown started throbbing again.

I went to a new dentist and he did a few tests (cold air etc) and x-rays but couldn’t find a problem. He told me to take some ibuprofen and wear a mouth guard (I grind my teeth), and if that didn’t make it better I may need a root canal. It’s been a few months since then and the crown has started throbbing again and now when I bite down on it, it throbs more.

I’m going back to the dentist tomorrow, but my question is, could the deep cleaning have caused an issue with my crown? And are there other solutions other than a root canal? I don’t have my x-rays, otherwise I would have posted them on here. Thanks!

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Tried a Root Canal but had to stop at the beginning because it hurt too much. Dentist prescribed antibiotics. Will they help? : Dentistry


I’m terrified of the dentist. Absolutely, ridiculously terrified. It’s a completely unfounded fear and one I’ve never actually been able to get rid of.

A couple weeks ago, an old filling fell out. I didn’t have a dentist at the time and finding one in my area that was accepting patients given the Covid situation was difficult, so it took a little time to get an appointment. In that time, the tooth started hurting pretty steadily. The pain itself generally comes and goes.

I finally had my appointment today and the dentist offered two options: a root canal or extraction. He recommended the root canal, so I agreed. He assured me that with modern numbing agents, it wouldn’t hurt at all beyond some pressure.

They put a topical on my gums, then injected the numbing agent and gave me about 15 minutes, then started in. It was alright for… maybe five seconds. The pain that followed was blindingly severe. The dentist stopped immediately and injected more, and gave me a little longer, then tried again. Once more, the pain was horrible and immediate. He tried one last injection and then set to drilling again, and no dice. Even worse than the first two times.

My mouth itself was numb. Gums, cheek, I guess the outside of the tooth? But every time he started drilling, the agony was unreal.

He apologized profusely and prescribed a seven day regimen of amoxacillen and tylenol, then sent me home. I have to go back next Wednesday after I finish my antibiotics.

He said that it was painful because the infection makes numbing the area almost impossible, and the antibiotics need to kill off as much of the infection as possible before they can numb it further.

I’m scared though. 🙁 I already hate

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Hole in tooth

Hello, I chipped a whole in a bottom right molar today. Think of the side of a vase coming out. My dentist can’t get me in until the 14th of December. It felt like the whole got bigger after I ate some veggies, and has a tinge of pain. Should I shop around, or can I wait a month? Thanks in advance for any help,

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Being a Dentist : Dentistry

Hello! I have just been admitted to pre-dental programs at a university and pre-medicine programs at other universities as well. For a kid who always wanted to be a trauma surgeon, I have been researching A LOT about the pathways of being one but my parents are against it. They are sort of “Forcing” me to go join the dental field. I really can’t say anything because they will pay for my tuition (I got scholarships but tuition is so damn expensive). So I just wanted to ask the REAL people working in the dental field to know how it is like. Google and Youtube were a big help but I believe the first-person opinion is just as important.

1: How hard is it becoming a dentist? I know you have to take DAT to go into medical school and 1 NBDE to earn your licenses. But is there more to it? how hard is the test?

2:How long does it take to become one? after your 4+4 graduation (I guess you can do 3+4 or 3+3 if you are smart) what happens next? Is the internship long and hard?

3:How is the quality of life as a dentist? When I wanted to join the trauma surgeon, I knew I won’t have much life and I was ready for it. I wanted to SAVE people even if that takes my own sacrifice. Do you have lots of free time? how long do you normally work?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and answer it. My next 8 years of life will be depended on which major I chose to go so I’m trying to gain as much information as I can. Thanks!

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Please Help - Pain after Implant : Dentistry

Please Help – Pain after Implant : Dentistry

Hello – I had two extractions and an implant a month ago, and I’ve been in pain ever since. I needed two rounds of antibiotics, but some pain has yet to dissipate. The tooth next to the implant hurts the most, and it’s getting worse. It started as a throbbing gum pain, but today it started hurting in my jaw. My surgeon says I’m fine. I’m about to get a second opinion. My x-rays are attached. The black shadows around the implant and tooth #20 concern me. Thank you for your help! 🙂

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Right side molars higher than the left? : Dentistry

I noticed that my bottom molars do not sit directly across from one another, after looking a little more I noticed my right back molars sit considerably higher than the left although it doesnt affect my bite.

I had a molar removed on the right side at the end of 2017, I still have my wisdom teeth as well, could the removed tooth have caused this? I never had anything inserted to replace the tooth or fill the gap.

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