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Questions about recovering from a bone graft after a tooth extraction. And the 1 week checkup. : Dentistry

So I had an abscess above a tooth that fell out. I had the tooth removed on Wednesday. And I got a bone graft. I have a 1 week checkup for Wednesday. I believe they have to remove the stitches. Obviously I don’t know if I will actually be able to go in or if they will cancel the appointment given the circumstances. Just wondering is that 1 week checkup after a tooth extraction/bone graft essential? Do all stitches fall out or do they actually have to remove them? I plan on calling Monday to see what’s up. I don’t feel any pain. I was not given any special oral rinse. Not sure if I was going to get that at my 1 week checkup. Or if it’s needed.

Also just wondering in general. The tooth extracted was a molar on the left. So I have started chewing some food on my right side a few days after surgery. How long do I need to be worried about the left side of my mouth? When will I be able to chew on that side? Also should I be able to eat anything I want on my right side right now?

I will be getting two teeth remove on my right side as well. Along with bone graft’s. There was talk of it happening Wednesday. Is that common? Would I not be able to chew in either side of my face if that happened?

Thanks for any reply.

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I need my wisdom teeth out. All dentists in my area are operating as “emergency only” currently. Advice/Help? : Dentistry

My top wisdom teeth have come all the way through. They’re in the right spot, just slightly slanted (they point outwards towards). Lately I’ve had horrible jaw pain that’s been causing headaches. I had an appt with a dentist to get a referral for them, but due to COVID-19 it was cancelled.

In your opinion, is this considered an emergency? Should I even risk venturing out to get these pulled in the current state of things? I don’t have any confirmed cases in my particular city but of course with subpar testing going on, who knows.

If I’m unable to get them pulled, what can I do for the pain? I was taking ibuprofen but the WHO announced to avoid ibuprofen for the time being :/ It hurts so bad it’s keeping me from sleeping. It’s like my jaw feels crowded and stiff and the ache is radiating throughout my entire neck and skull.

Thanks for any help.

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5 days after wisdom tooth extraction : Dentistry

I got all four wisdom teeth extracted last friday and I think they’re healing up well. they still hurt a little bit, I’ve been mainly taking ibuprofen to help with pain and swelling, and hydrocodone/acetaminophen when I need it. I’ve gone back to eating almost normally, still avoiding crunchy, chewy, and spicy foods though. I’ve been doing saltwater rinses after every time I eat as per my surgeons instructions. While looking inside my mouth today, I saw that my extraction sites are white. since getting my surgery, I have not been able to see a ‘hole’ and that hasn’t changed. the white parts are soft and squishy, so not bone I hope. I was just wondering if this is normal and part of the healing process or if somethings wrong? Thank you.

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Getting a wisdom tooth out : Dentistry

I’m going to see an oral surgeon for a wisdom tooth. The problem I’m having is that I could possibly get referred to a hospital. I have serious PTSD from 6 different hospital stays and I will physically assault anyone who tries to takes me to one. Should I tell the surgeon straight up that any hospital referrals will cause a full on mental breakdown and will not be used? Because I am so stressed about just the possibility of anything to do with a regular hospital I can’t sleep or even think clearly!

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Loose tooth : Dentistry

Got my braces off about 6 months ago and i’ve been wearing my plastic retainers for 4 months every night but after my 5th month i’ve stopped wearing it traditionally every night and just wore them every other day. But recently for the past 3 weeks i’ve worn them again every night but that tooth is still loose. I’ve realize this loose tooth that i have, might’ve caused it to shift due to not wearing my retainers every day. I brush everyday and floss. Should i visit the dentist or are there anything i should do?

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Receding gums: can I get surgical treatment?

Hi everyone, I’ve dealt with very small teeth and receding gums my whole life. My dentist told me once I got my braces off years ago they could remove some of my gums with a laser and I was really excited. It never happened and I didn’t really question it until a year ago. When I mentioned it last year a dental hygienist told me there is no way to do this because I have gingivitis and my gums aren’t healthy enough to proceed. She said flossing was my only solution so I have been the last few months and see little visual improvement (again, regardless of gingivitis, my gums have always receded unfortunately which is why I wanted the procedure 🙁 )

I forgot about it but today I saw online that it can actually help gingivitis to get part of your gums removed. I am confused if maybe the hygienist made a mistake or if what I was asking for actually isn’t possible with unhealthy gums?

Any knowledge or suggestions will help, thank you!

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How bad did I screw up?

So I thought my wisdom teeth had enough space in my mouth as the top ones appeared to have come in fine, but i think the bottom ones have a problem. Ive had a swollen lymph node for a few months which i thought had started to go down, but around the end of February I started getting this nasty taste in my mouth, which I thought was dehydration until a few days ago i noticed that my bottom widkm teeth felt funny and the swelling in my lymph node had come back up. I never felt any pain from my wisdom teeth, but now having made the connection, it worries me that Ive had a swollen lymph node for so long. I am just waiting until morning to go to the dental office nearby but I'm worried I fucked up big time and have had an abscess or something for months and done nothing, a friend of mine recently ended up needing dentures after his wisdom teeth were left untreated for too long which is definitely not helping with anxiety about this right now.

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Hi, I am terrified of the dentist. You would think I wouldn’t be, as I have knocked out both front teeth from an accident, and spent over a year rebuilding my upper front teeth. Early 2019 I decided that I would like to try a new dentist, as I prefer female doctors. I was very disappointed in this dentist, and their ability to help me. She told me that I had 12 cavities total, like 3 on each quarter of my mouth. Learned after the first session of filling that I hit the lottery with my genetic condition, and that local numbing doesn’t work. She at one point told me she legally could not give me any more local, and I ended up being in so much pain that I didn’t go back. Now maybe 2 months ago a filling on the side of my tooth fell out, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been chipping my teeth while grinding at night. I want to see a sedation dentist, but I need sedation if they want to do anything but touch me teeth. How do I communicate this to them when I finally make an appointment??? Please help!

TL;DR: no dentist in a year, need fillings and cleaning, needing to see sedation dentist

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New Filling – Pressure Pain : Dentistry

Just had a filling done this afternoon. It wasn’t a major filling it was a newer cavity on my top back right molar. Anyway, after the numbness wore off and I went to eat dinner it damn hurt when I went to chew down on my food, I got a sharp kick. I tried a couple more times gently and got the same thing, so I just used some other teeth to chew. There’s no hot or cold sensitivity and I can clench my teeth as hard as I like and I get nothing, so I’m just really confused why it was only biting down on food…. any ideas? I have absolutely no time to go back to the dentist tomorrow and they’re closed weekends so earliest I can even get it checked out is next week :/

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