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Crown came off in pieces, what is the process to pull the tooth now? : Dentistry

I have a huge phobia of dental work (Sorry) and I’m really in a bind.

A crown I’ve had since I was a kid came off my second to last back molar, but I can still feel a piece of it in my mouth along the side of my tooth.

The tooth was capped in the first place because it’s crumbling and a big piece of it is already missing.

Can it be pulled? I would rather not cap it again as I don’t have dental insurance and am a huge baby about dental work. If they do pull it, about how long would it take and what would the average recovery time be? I can’t take any time off work but I have an office job so no big deal.

Thank you for your help.

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I’m a Pre-Dental student in a unique situation … – Dentistry

There’s a lot to my story, but I’ll try to sum it up. I’m in a junior in college right now (second-year because I had credits from high school). My plan is to apply this early this summer. For context, I live in Virginia and want to go to VCU since it is the only dental school in the state.

Here is where my story is unique. My dad is/was a dentist who owns his own practice in our small town. He recently retired following the passing of my mother from cancer in September (she was diagnosed only 4 months before so it was a huge shock). She was a pharmacist once a week, but did the bookwork/managing for my dad’s office. My plan growing up was always to take over my dad’s business. Things have obviously changed but I think I still want to do it.

I think its a great idea still because we live in a small town (<20,000 people) that I like. There have only ever been 2-3 small private dentists at a time. My dad only had 2 chairs, but had room for a 3rd that he never needed. Over the past years, he was able to take tons of time off from work to do the things he loves (fishing, family vacations, etc.) while still making good money. He worked Mon-Fri, usually 8-11:30 then 1-4:30 with plenty of vacation weeks. I recently learned that he still made ~170k last year. To me, this is a great situation.

Fast forward to now… I think I have everything it takes to do it. I am usually very humble, but I think it’s important to share how “smart/skilled” I am. I have always been very good with my hands/organized. I get organization from my mom and perfectionism

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Other options for dental implants? : Dentistry

Hey everyone,

I am 24 years old and had a root canal procedure done several years ago. Unfortunately, the molar that my root canal was done on cracked in half. I left it cracked for a while and just did not eat on that side for a bit (long story, do not wish to share). When I went to my dental cleaning, I was told that I needed to get an appointment ASAP to get prepped for a crown in order to get my Invisalign. Meanwhile, I have been wearing a palate expander for two months now just waiting to get into Invisalign and here I am thinking I’m almost there to at least start on the bottom row of teeth.. no. Unfortunately, yesterday I went to the dentist to get fully prepped for the crown. Once they widdled my molar down to a nub, I was told the bad news that this tooth wasn’t going to be able to be saved due to the fact that it’s cracked beyond the gumline. I asked what my options were and the only one given to me was a dental implant. I left the dentist office feeling extremely defeated and devastated for a few reasons 1.) I wasted all that time yesterday only to find out my tooth wasn’t going to be able to be saved, 2.) I have to prolong my treatment for Invisalign even longer, 3.) dental implants are just not an option for me. I fully understand they are necessary and don’t hurt nearly as much we I think they would but it’s honestly not in the question. It’s way too expensive (I am a college student living off part time living) and I am not wanting to put myself through the procedure after the terrible experience I had

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when can you eat normal foods after a maxillary …

Hi dentists of reddit!

I had a traumatic fall and fractured my “maxillary alveolar process”, and teeth 8,9,10 are loose. 9 came out completely. I have a splint on my teeth for about 4 1/2 weeks now, and was wondering when I will be able to eat normal foods again, as I am tired of soft foods. When the splint is off, can I immediately start eating all kinds of food? (ex. I feel chips would not be good idea). Is there a transition process to the foods you can eat?

Also, I know that it is probably difficult to know what will happen without seeing any scans or anything, but what is going to happen to my teeth? My tooth that fell out , fell out at around 10:40pm and was inserted by 11:15pm in my mouth, but I could not see a dentist because the ER didnt have one, until the following day at noon. Will I get to keep my teeth? Is the dentist going to do root canals? Will I be able speak the following day after the removal of the splint (Archbar composite wire??)? Also, I think a little bit of my gums are receding, as there is a space between 8 9 teeth where the gums usually are.

THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE IF YOU ANSWER MY QUESTIONS, as I am a poor student very concerned about what will happen to my teeth. I cannot afford implants and I would like to have teeth before I do my internships.

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Second opinion on fillings? : Dentistry

So I recently went to a new dentist and they said I need 4 fillings. I’ve only had 2 filings in my life and I’m 25. All the sudden I need 4 in one shot? Nothing has changed about my dental hygiene. This new dentist tried to get me to do some $300 antibiotic treatment on my gums and fluoride treatments etc.

The old dentist I went to was more conservative and not as big or fancy as this new dentists office I am going to.

Is it worth getting a second opinion on these filings?

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Gap appeared between two front teeth after getting braces off a day ago. : Dentistry

Gap appeared between two front teeth after getting braces off a day ago. : Dentistry

So I got my braces off a day ago. Tonight, when flossing I noticed a small gap appearing between my 2 front teeth. The floss literally slides in easily. I’ve never had a gap between my two front teeth before braces or during treatment as I had overcrowding. Now the neighbouring teeth on either side also kinda hurts and is abit sensitive when flossing. Why is this happening?

I’m only going to get my retainers next week, so I will definitely ask my ortho about it then. But in the meantime, will the gap get bigger?

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Spacer for adult after tooth extraction? : Dentistry

I had my first premolar extracted last week, and I was given 4 options…a 1 tooth denture type thing, a bridge with crowns placed on the neighboring 2 teeth, an implant, or just leave the hole. I really can’t afford the bridge or the implant, and the denture thing sounds annoying. I don’t care about the gap in my teeth, but I don’t want my other teeth to shift. Is there such a thing as a spacer for adults following extractions? My 7 year old has a spacer to prevent his teeth from shifting while waiting for the adult tooth to come in, and really it just seems like an easy/inexpensive option that wasn’t offered to me as an adult.

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