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Toothache or TMJ pain or both?? : Dentistry

Warning: this is a long post.

About a week ago, I had 5 cavities filled on the left side of my mouth. The last two molars at the bottom and 3 other molars up top were filled. During the procedure, I didn’t feel pain, but strangely my entire face felt ice cold. The dentist let me take a break. He finished and I went home. It took several hours for the numbness to go away so I didn’t really feel pain that day.

By Friday morning of that week, I felt a lot of discomfort (like my jaw was cramping up) and by Friday evening the left side of my bottom jaw and teeth were throbbing. I think the pain was so bad it gave me a migraine. The pain shot up the side of face and to my forehead. I’ve been taking ibuprofen to manage the pain. Once it kicks in, I feel great, no pain at all- but as soon as it wears off the pain comes back just as badly as it was before.

I’ve gone to my dentist twice to make sure my teeth aren’t infected. By looking at them and touching the inside of my mouth and without taking an X-ray he determined that it’s not an infection. He shaved down the fillings a bit more and he believes the pain will soon subside. It hasn’t. The second to last bottom tooth is throbbing. I have an appointment with a different dentist to get a second opinion but the appointment isn’t until next Friday.

Ok now for the second problem: my jaw cramps up and aches since the procedure. The pain is managed with ibuprofen. I have a history of TMJ: the left side of my jaw has popped and locked for the past 15

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Can your mouth bacteria adapt to different toothpastes? : Dentistry

Maybe 4 years ago I swapped from Sensodyne to Arm and Hammer sensitive since I found it more effective at cleaning my teeth. Just this week I swapped from Arm and Hammer to another brand since my teeth no longer felt clean after a brushing – the difference was immediate.

I understand there’s tons of reasons I may have experienced that, but it got me wondering if bacteria can adapt to the toothpaste you use if you stick with the same kind for years?

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Teeth knocked out in car crash : Dentistry

I have a dentist appointment set up for Tuesday to look at my teeth, one is knocked out, one was chipped in 2 spots and has mostly fallen out and another one if chipped in half. I have stitches in my mouth and on my lip so my dental care has been very poor since then as it is incredibly difficult to brush (I’m usually great with it)

Essentially anyway, I have two main questions, I need advice to cleanse my teeth because it is incredibly difficult with all these stitches, and if it matters how long my teeth are out before I get replacements, I’m worried about the gums healing

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Multiple PA radiographs on a single patient : Dentistry

I am a dental student. One of our case requirement include periodontal treatment on a patient with generalized periodontitis. So I found a patient who is willing and upon starting the full-mouth periapical, my “juniors” approached me and requested for a collaboration on my case as requirement for their perio subject. Basically, they will do the full-mouth xrays, probing, computations, documentation, and all of the stuff needed (of course, I will help them). After they will report the case in class, they will return all of the diagnostics to me and I will proceed with the actual treatment. I agreed, of course, for this is beneficial for me and them. Fast forward to now, the instructor said she will not be returning the full-mouth PAs, and I should do another set for my clinical case.

A little background, our school’s treatment plan require:

  1. an initial full-mouth PA

  2. Another set (not necessarily full mouth) of multiple PAs deemed necessary by the instructor after scalings and such

  3. Final full mouth PAs after all treatment is done.

If I will push through with what the instructor said, I will be exposing my patient an addition of 20 more PAs. I have searched online and I am getting mixed information. What’s your thought on this? Should I get another patient so as not to expose him to multiple PAs or not? The patient also expressed concerns over radiation.

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Should I get a second opinion?


I went to the dentist today due to some pain I'd been having. I assumed it was due to a large hole I have recently discovered in one of my back teeth, but we actually discovered it was my wisdom teeth! Ok no problem. The dentist and his tech each took quick looks at my tooth with the hole in it and decided I needed a root canal. I figured they were right.

Tonight I began researching root canals and was finding things implying that they're a pretty big deal, almost like a last resort. Signs of needing a root canal are discoloration, pain/sensitivity that doesn't go away, infection, etc. … I have none of those issues.. my teeth are sensitive, that one is not any more so. It causes me no pain. No signs of infection. Just a large hole.

Would it be worth trying to find a different dentist to look so I could get their opinion as well? But maybe this dentist really is right? that's why I'm asking you guys. I'm not sure what to do.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

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I brush 2x a day but still have black stuff on my teeth within a month of visiting the dentist. : Dentistry

It seems like every 6 months, I have “apparently harmless” black things on my teeth that always has to be removed. No signs of tooth decay so far (unless my dentist is hiding something). My bottom teeth are fine, but my top teeth, especially the tippy top part, always turns black. Is my brushing method wrong, then? I always have these things for 5 months without any harm (unless again, my dentist is hiding some serious illness from me), so I don’t know if they’re cavities or not. Online doesn’t help, either. It just tells me to brush better but I AM! I’m losing my mind. This has been a problem ever since I was in 6th grade, and now that I’m a senior I need to get to the bottom of this.

If a photo is needed I can take it. It’s 3am now though for me so cya

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