can i drink before a filling : Dentistry

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i know this is a bad question, don’t come for my throat i just want an answer.

i am one of the most nervous people i know, especially with dentists. i have never met anyone with a fear as bad as mine.

i can handle cleanings but when it comes to fillings i just cant do it. i have been kicked out of a few dentists now for wasting their time with my panic attacks.

i’ve tried benzos, they don’t work well enough. somehow my panic attacks can power through. same for nitrous, the laughing gas made my anxiety worse. but now my teeth are rotting and i need this done. i can’t afford to be knocked out.

the only thing i can think of that has 100% worked to help my anxiety in the past is alcohol.

all i need is a few fillings, and i know this sounds awful but i’m at my last resort here. i am honestly running out of dentists to go to. would having a few drinks before a few fillings have any negative effects ? besides being judged by the dentist.

any other recommendations besides alcohol would be appreciated too


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