Can Cavities in Children Disappear/heal themselves? : Dentistry


My son is 5. ~1 year ago we took him in to a pediatric dentist. The dentist told us there was a large black cavity in one of his molars and we needed to keep an eye on it. Fast forward 6 months and we went in for a cleaning. Again, the cavity was discussed and we would probably need to have it drilled and filled. We didn’t make the appointment just then because he was in school and we were going to do it in the summer. Between then, we found out our dentist (my husband’s and mine) also saw children. We love our dentist and made an appointment with him to have our son’s teeth looked at and the filling done. We go to our dentist and he does an exam and x-rays. No cavities. None. Our son was so excited and got his picture up on the ‘No cavities” wall.


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