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Calcuverter is a calculator and unit converter in one. Furthermore, you can enter queries in plain English. Normal desktop calculators always seemed counter-intuitive to me. Why emulate the limited interface (ie a numeric pad) of a pocket calculator, when you’ve got the power of a desktop computer and keyboard at your finger tips.
This is a very simple interface, with a lot of hidden power. It uses the google calculator as its engine, which means that it can do complex calculations and unit conversions. Give Calcuverter a try to fully assess its capabilities!







Calcuverter Crack [2022-Latest]

Calcuverter Crack is an open source application for calculating the values of mathematical functions, and converting between units. The unit conversion function is based on the units provided in the Data source menu, and can also convert between most of the unit families (for example, the number of divisions of any fractional value). Calculations are performed in a very intuitive interface, which you can access via the keyboard or the mouse. Calculations can be performed in the unit or number form. Calcuverter can also display and print the results of a calculation. It can do most of the operations that you would normally perform in a desktop calculator. Of course, because it uses the google calculator as its engine, it can perform much more complex calculations than any of the stand-alone desktop calculators.

Designed for a desktop UI that works with multiple kinds of input devices, Calcuverter supports not just keyboards, but also sliders, checkboxes, and radio buttons. Its responsive design adapts to the available space, and allows one-handed operation. It’s lightweight, and very easy to customize.

Here’s a live demo of Calcuverter in action:

Calcuverter features:

Calculate mathematical functions in the number or unit form.

Convert units with custom units families.

Convert between most of the unit families.

Display and print the results of a calculation.

Easy to customize and extend, with powerful and flexible modules.

Intuitive and responsive user interface.

Support mouse and keyboard input devices.

Works with google calculator as its engine.

Can show a history of calculation.

Compatible with Unix, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

Calculator Features:
Calcuverter is a unit converter and calculator in one. It has a simple, easy to use UI that adapts to the available space on the screen. Keyboard support is included, and mouse support is provided by hovering over one of the available controls. More controls can be added through an extension mechanism.

Additionally, it can save and display a history of the input values it has used to perform a calculation, which will help you to repeat a calculation easily. The history can be accessed via a menu. The history can also be displayed in a dialog, as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: the first time you run Calcuverter, you’ll need to select


Calcuverter is a calculator that displays the results in a smart, modern and easy to use interface. A rich database of calculations and translations are included. In addition, the calculations may be saved in the personal database.
Its easy to learn, will surprise you with what it can do, and be highly configurable to suite your needs.
• Simple and rich math interface
• 9 built in languages. Other languages available via the Google Translator
• Full Unicode support. Any symbol or text in Unicode is supported
• Simple to use.
• Customizable preferences to fit your needs.
• Most calculation can be done in a “normal” keypad format.
• Calculator with persitent history.
• Calculate the values of any formula
• Enter the formula as plain text.
• Can query Google for any known formula or unit.
• Automatically converts all values in-between.
• Can be configured to add new math operations.
• Can save the current math operation.
• Can be used in minimized mode.
• Customizable key shortcuts and file associations.
• Many configuration options
More Info:
Calcuverter is a Windows application, but we also have a version for the Mac OS X. This is a full package. It contains all of our applications and utilities.
Visit us at:

Calculator for Windows is a free application that allows you to create and use your own special calculator. It’s a useful tool for quick mathematical calculations, but it can also be used to visualize equations and to calculate formulas.

The android toolbar keyboard can easily be use to switch between letters and numbers. It’s great to use instead of the physical keyboard.
How to start?
1) Enable the Android Bar
2) Choose any layout
3) Add a custom layout for switching between letters and numbers.
You can use the upper or lower section to switch between letters and numbers.
Thank you for using our app. Feel free to rate and write an comment.
What is this?
You can use your physical keyboard to switch between the alphabet and the numbers. However, this is inconvenient

Calcuverter License Key For Windows

Calculate, convert and display units.
* Multilingual – translation of dates, currencies and units available in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.
* Text and numerical input
* Display calculator with a fixed number of digits after the point
* Enter commands and numbers by clicking the buttons
* Mark values as defined by the user or by default in the right side menu
* Export your values to Excel, Text and XML files
* Print values
* Command list
* Export to calculator
* Customizable list of units for the display of currency and dates
* Ability to insert a date into an arbitrary date format or a currency into a dollar format
* Input of currency in multiples of $100 with a precision of four decimal places
* Capable of displaying the values of base 10 logarithms and prime numbers
* Ability to create formulas
* Ability to create equations
* Ability to show the standard deviation of values in a formula
* Scrolling of formulas for large input
* Ability to enter multiple input
* Ability to perform non-linear calculations and infinitesimal calculations
* Ability to store basic table values
* Ability to store intermediate values
* Option for the display of default values at the bottom of the calculator
* Ability to select the size of the fonts
* Ability to convert base 10 logarithms
* Ability to convert common mathematical symbols
* Ability to import data from external sources
* Ability to calculate and display the square root of natural numbers (not integers!)
* Ability to calculate and display the cube root of natural numbers
* Ability to calculate and display the fractional part of a natural number
* Ability to calculate and display the inverse of a natural number
* Ability to calculate and display the square root of a natural number (useful for finding the tangent and secant)
* Ability to calculate and display the cube root of a natural number
* Ability to calculate and display the fourth root of a natural number
* Ability to calculate and display the cube root of a natural number
* Ability to calculate and display the fifth root of a natural number
* Ability to calculate and display the square root of a natural number
* Ability to calculate and display the fifth root of a natural number
* Ability to calculate and display the cube root of a natural number
* Ability to calculate and display the square root of a natural number
* Ability to calculate and display the sixth root of a natural number

What’s New in the?

Calculator and unit converter in one. Entries can be written in plain English. It has its own calculator, with a number of keyboard shortcuts.



Build 2014-12-01

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 2GHz
Memory: 1GB
Graphics: Intel HD or equivalent AMD graphics
Hard Drive: 2 GB
Additional Notes:
Internet: 1024kbps
Gameplay Requirements:
Memory: 2GB

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