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Buttercups is a well-crafted Flash animation designed to hide the icons and windows from your computer when you are away from your desk. You can also use the screensaver for relaxing your eyes when you need to take a break.
The screensaver features a discrete animation and mild colors which provide you with a pleasant atmosphere.









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Buttercups is an ambient screensaver that allows you to play some relaxing music while you browse through your favorite web sites or simply enjoy some well deserved downtime. In addition to its soothing aspect, the screensaver exhibits a fairly subtle and discrete animation that doesn’t interrupt the rest of your activities. Of course, if the scrolling through your web page becomes too much, you can easily turn off the screensaver by pressing the spacebar.
Buttercups includes a wide variety of music tracks ranging from mellow ambient pieces to the sounds of nature, making this a pleasant screensaver for a wide range of tastes.
Buttercups includes a timer which allows you to set up a daily schedule with your favorite music to play throughout the day.

When you click on the link above, you will be taken to a page with information about this screensaver. To download Buttercups, click on the “Download” button.

Moonshadow is a cool Flash movie for the holiday season. The screensaver uses a magical twist to create a modern Christmas look and feel.
The screensaver uses high resolution, glittering animated graphics to bring that magical Christmas feeling to your desktop and simultaneously hide your icons and windows. The one glaring exception to that, however, is that your desktop becomes frozen while the screensaver works its magic, or, if you want, you can configure Moonshadow to not stop your desktop. When you boot up your desktop, you may notice that your icons and windows are hidden by this screensaver.
Moonshadow includes more than 400 images and sounds which change by the second. This screensaver is a wonderful screen saver for making your computer feel like a winter wonderland.
Moonshadow Description:

Moonshadow is a beautiful screensaver that not only floats images and icons over your desktop, but also uses a snow animation to create a surreal, holiday atmosphere. The screensaver includes 400 images, 28 new music loops, 4 different screensavers, 25 collection of background images, and a large library of sounds.
Moonshadow integrates the new desktop feature that allows you to use the desktop as a real webcam. This feature even supports high definition recordings and uses a virtual desktop camera instead of a built-in one so your desktop image looks like you are sitting in front of your computer.
The screensaver is packed with a lot of features. You can change the scene, use the built-in webcam, play or not play

Buttercups Crack [Latest]

The screensaver is a very impressive animation. It is packed with special effects that flit and dazzle the eyes. The seductive scenes are in 3D. During that time your eyes will be relaxed and free to enjoy the view. However, the screensaver comes with plenty of interactive surprises. Just when you think that the fun is over, it will start again.

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I had downloaded this screensaver in Win XP before and it was a great screensaver. So I decided to give it another try in Win7. In Win7 it is not as good as it was in WinXP. If you are looking for a great screensaver this is not the screensaver for you.

screensaver is ok, but the point is a little underutilized. When the site is still a version (1.0 or whatever) I recommended it to my friend that has windows 7 and he installed the screensaver (which was right easy) and he says it works ok but when he sits down he sits in front of his laptop and the screen saver won’t go away so the point of the screen saver has more of a point overkill.

But I do like that the screen saver will hide the browser as mentioned above, BUT if the screen saver is

Buttercups (LifeTime) Activation Code [Updated]

Buttercups is a popular customizable screensaver featuring 3D graphics. The screensaver is based on a bright sky and a large sun. Using the screensaver, you can relax in a green landscape that is dominated by a high, large sun. The size of the sun and the sky change as you pan around to a different location. The screensaver has a set of customizable settings to make your experience even more comfortable. Buttercups screensaver will show you the names of your favorite fonts from all over the Internet. The screensaver is packed with awesome 3D graphics with a discreet animation, which will take you to a different place. You can set the screensaver to start and stop automatically.
Buttercups Online Screenshot:

What’s New In Buttercups?

From Tum-Bags Wiki

Buttercups is a well-crafted Flash animation designed to hide the icons and windows from your computer when you are away from your desk. You can also use the screensaver for relaxing your eyes when you need to take a break.
The screensaver features a discrete animation and mild colors which provide you with a pleasant atmosphere.


Buttercups is the
only really needed screen saver for my Core 2 Duo laptop, as it makes the green power symbol
go into sleep mode. It has no other effects, and quite frankly, I like that. It looks like
it’s as easy to use as the other screen savers, and for the price, I think it’s a great




Review by CSH

Ease of use:




: 5 of 5


It works as intended. And, as an added bonus, they included a nice little screen saver when you download it.Q:

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System Requirements For Buttercups:

Minimum specs:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
4 GB RAM or more
6 GB VRAM or more
Processor 2 GHz or faster
Graphics card DirectX 9 or higher
Nvidia: GeForce 460, ATI: Radeon HD 2600, Intel HD Graphics 2000 or higher
Hard disk space 10 GB
Sound Card
Keyboard & Mouse
Recommended specs:


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