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Bezier Surface Sketchup Download Crackl


Category:Free 3D modeling tools
Category:3D modelling software for LinuxNow, on Capitol Hill, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is a top target, though some Democrats have praised his willingness to compromise in an effort to pass tax cuts for the middle class.

But the Koch-backed group Americans for Prosperity — a sister organization to the Tea Party group Freedom Works and other groups active in the Koch network — has an idea for Ryan’s job in the Republican-controlled Congress: make him speaker of the Chamber of Commerce.

Like many Koch-backed plans, this one could mean trouble for democracy. The Kochs put money into 21 of the 22 districts held by House Republicans in 2015.

Americans for Prosperity should tell its members in Iowa, Kansas, and other members of Koch’s anti-Obama “FreedomWorks” branch of the network that they need to support Ryan’s re-election this year, said Adam Moore, a spokesman for Americans for Prosperity. “We may not always agree with what he says,” Moore said of Ryan, “but he’s their leader.”

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The billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch have poured money into campaigns, but they’ve also tried to shape their political influence by funding allies in Congress. Democrats increasingly blame Koch-backed groups like Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works for the House GOP’s plans to pass tax cuts and other policies opposed by many Democrats.

Ryan is among Koch’s most notable allies. He gained national attention in 2011, when he led Republicans in the Senate to pass the now-defunct “fast-track” trade bill, which would have curbed the ability of Congress to block controversial trade deals.

“Paul and other freedom-oriented leaders in Congress are doing an excellent job representing our grassroots,” Charles Koch told Politico in January, after announcing a planned gift of $100,000 to Ryan’s super PAC. “We’re just waiting for them to translate that into policy.”

Americans for Prosperity’s president, Tim Phillips, has often said the group focuses on issues important to the business community. The group has especially worked to advance the agendas of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, which provides “model” bills that Koch-backed groups often try to introduce or vote on in states around the country.

In the 2016 election, Koch-backed ads backed the


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