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Q: How to create a session in python? I am new to python. I can’t find a proper documentation on this. Below is what I tried but got error import cgi, cgitb print “Content-type: text/html ” print “Hello world” html=””” name=”name”>

“”” def main(): cgi.FieldStorage() if __name__ == “__main__”: main() Error I am getting is : global name ‘cgi’ is not defined A: When you try to import a module, you do so with import module or from module import class/method/variable You did import cgi Note that the cgi module is imported when you import the cgi library from the site-packages directory. I strongly suggest you to never try to write your own CGI with the cgi library. You are most likely going to see the error you got, and you are probably going to end up in a messy situation where you have to import the cgi library over and over again. There are many tutorials on how to create your own CGI using WSGI, but don’t. The cgi library is highly optimized and should be used as a tool and not as a replacement. As for the cgi.FieldStorage() call, you probably want the cgi.FieldStorageDict class, which allows you to call cgi.FieldStorage() as many times as you want. The present invention relates to an ultrasonic probe used in a medical field. For example, Patent Literature 1 (JP-A-2002-041251) discloses an ultrasonic probe which is a fluid-filled coupling type ultrasonic probe. The ultrasonic probe includes a transducer, a probe case that accommodates the transducer, a fluid which is filled inside the probe case, a compression mechanism that makes the fluid press in the probe case, and an ultrasonic wave outputting mechanism that is provided to the probe case and that outputs an ultrasonic wave. In the conventional ultrasonic probe, an ultrasonic transmission body is fixed to a part of the probe case, and the ultrasonic transmission body does not act on the fluid at the same time as the compression mechanism causes the fluid to press in the probe case. The effect of the movement of the fluid with respect to the ultrasonic transmission body is small.In a conventional display apparatus, a data in an internal signal can be read out sequentially in accordance with a ROW signal and a COLUMN signal in a display unit.


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