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It’s more than just a file-sharing website. A lot of the time you can use torrents to download stuff you’d never be able to get elsewhere, and accessing the site is as simple as a click. That’s why we’ve chosen this torrent site to be part of our list of the best file-sharing sites.

The internet is full of free and paid software, but finding the right software can be tricky. Every program has different features, some are safe, some offer malware, and others try to foist unwanted products on you. We’ve picked out the best sites for you to find the programs you need.

Some software may still try to foist unwanted bundled junk on you from its official website, but you can be pretty sure it’s free of malware. If you don’t know an app’s download page, a quick Google search for download Spotify or similar will bring up a box that takes you right to it. Just make sure you’re on the official page.

Always be mindful of local legislation when downloading torrents and dont engage in illegal behavior. Read our full article below for more information about our choices for this list of the best torrent sites for gaming, and pick up some useful security tips while youre at it.


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