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The open source media powerhouse, Linux operating system was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991. This free GNU operating system is a rival to the well-known Microsoft Windows operating system. Linux comes with a free desktop and server operating system and is also considered the premier operating system for GNU/Linux operating systems. If you are searching for the best Linux distribution for free download and play, you can start with Linuxmint.

TypeRun is a site that has got the coolest and funniest ads. It’s the best way for those having ads blocked on the browser to download the app that they want. TypeRun is a very useful website that is a must try if you are looking for free crack and keygen.

PlayDeb lets you download more than 100000 free crack, keygen and serials for popular apps, games and softwares without any survey, sign up or payment. It also has a huge library of not just crack and keygen but also the latest mods and software patches to improve the gaming experience.

Nixxes is a website that is dedicated to offering the best of free software and tools. The site provides its users with powerful software and tools like photo editors, video editors, audio editors, flash, plugins and many more for free. And among the top download websites, nixxes is an excellent resource to download cracked software. is one of the best independent software distributor for those who are looking to download cracked software. The website has a collection of applications for Windows, iOS and Android devices. It has an increasing library of apps and games on each platform available to download for free.


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