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You should always be suspicious about any download that asks for payment, whether it’s $25 for a film on Netflix or $200 for some bleeding-edge game. In both cases, the company has no idea if you actually want or need the product. You don’t need to completely avoid all products that require a fee, but you should always think carefully about it, as it could be an attempt to scam you.

Procedure for properly installing and updating programs using the Windows Store might seem simple. You just need to choose the program you want to install, and confirm that you have the required version, but you need to take all additional steps along with it. The first step in the whole process is to keep your copy of Windows updated, which means that you need to update and install Windows before you can get to the installation, and the hardest part is finding the right version. If you notice a link to a download that youve found somewhere else, make sure to check how it was acquired.

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