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Hello! I have just been admitted to pre-dental programs at a university and pre-medicine programs at other universities as well. For a kid who always wanted to be a trauma surgeon, I have been researching A LOT about the pathways of being one but my parents are against it. They are sort of “Forcing” me to go join the dental field. I really can’t say anything because they will pay for my tuition (I got scholarships but tuition is so damn expensive). So I just wanted to ask the REAL people working in the dental field to know how it is like. Google and Youtube were a big help but I believe the first-person opinion is just as important.

1: How hard is it becoming a dentist? I know you have to take DAT to go into medical school and 1 NBDE to earn your licenses. But is there more to it? how hard is the test?

2:How long does it take to become one? after your 4+4 graduation (I guess you can do 3+4 or 3+3 if you are smart) what happens next? Is the internship long and hard?

3:How is the quality of life as a dentist? When I wanted to join the trauma surgeon, I knew I won’t have much life and I was ready for it. I wanted to SAVE people even if that takes my own sacrifice. Do you have lots of free time? how long do you normally work?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and answer it. My next 8 years of life will be depended on which major I chose to go so I’m trying to gain as much information as I can. Thanks!


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