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Great screensaver for the Basset Hound lover. Big bright vivid screensaver to entertain you when nothing else is going on. Why not open your heart to let in some cute puppies?







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Why not open your heart to let in some cute puppies? Let your Bassett Hound take you to the lands of the Adirondacks, and back home again. Head for the hills, pack your dog, and discover something wonderful about the “paws-itive” people in Basset – the people from Basset, not from Bard.
You know the breed: fully-grown dogs, about 40 pounds, with long, smooth brown coats, and their distinctive, flat faces. Pets that are low-maintenance and affectionate. Usually family dogs, and obedient, with qualities of self-control and a gentle nature.
The most famous of all basset hounds is Malinois, and he is one of the most popular pets in the US. Owning a basset hound is a dream of many families, and may well be considered the ultimate in the “American dream.”
But here in Canada, the Basset hound is equally popular.
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If you want to own a Basset hound, or just want to see what one looks like, check out our BEASTIE category for Basset hounds. If you have a piano, we have full-sized music screensaver for you.
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This is a beautiful screensaver for the Basset Hound lover. Big bright vivid screensaver to entertain you when nothing else is going on. Why not open your heart to let in some cute puppies?
Who’s the cute companion? These Basset Hounds are such friendly and cute creatures. They will keep you company for hours.
With a great screensaver, you can leave your stresses behind! Relax with your favorite furry puppies!
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What’s New in the Bassett Hounds?

Basset Hounds are recognized as an elite, difficult to train hound within the hunting world. His nickname is the “gentleman’s hunting companion,” because of his great hunting success and tracking ability. Basset Hounds are known for their intelligence and enthusiasm. The name Basset comes from its common Latin root “bassa tacita,” (“silent lying down”). Basset Hounds have a typical appearance. The Basset Hound has a well proportioned body with a moderately high set of shoulders. He has very broad, deep chest with a short front. The chest is usually widest at the underline and the shoulder blades are well filled out. His hindquarters are well-muscled and his hind feet are straight and sturdy. They have an average length of tail, which is a little longer than average. Basset Hounds have a low-set tail that is typically carried in a curve. It has natural markings and it is made up of four colors: black, liver, sable and white. It has a very short, close-coiled, double coat. This low set tail has a ridge of long hairs along its length, and it is covered with small black or golden hairs. The Basset Hounds has round ears with thick, soft hair. Basset Hounds have clear eyes with a brown to gray color. They have a small, rounded skull, which is set between the ears. Their muzzle is smaller than average, and it is not pointed. The Basset Hound has a pleasant, sweet, friendly, and outgoing personality.
Basset Hounds History:
Early in his history, Basset Hounds were used as war dogs in Gaul. They became an important part of the “papal warrior” team in Italy. It was the Italians who developed the Basset Hounds into the sport they are today. About 1200 years ago, the Italian region of Bassetto was a war-torn region where bad men were fighting for power. They used Basset Hounds to bring back important people to safety. It wasn’t always easy to control them, but the Italian people loved them. It wasn’t long before the Basset Hounds were a valuable asset in the lives of many Italian families.
Basset Hounds are also very good with children. It is because of their good nature, that they have been treated with so much respect. The Basset Hound has come

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