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Bahaddur Kannada Full Movie Download Kickass


Bahaddur (Kannada: ಬಹದ್ದೂರ್) is a 2014 Indian Kannada language masala film directed by Chetan Kumar and produced by R. Srinivas. “Rao” with Rajkumar, Jayanti, . Bhavani, Viradom, Abhayem, Sandra, Arun, Prabhas, Yashodananda, etc.
It was shown in India on January 23, 2014.
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The film is about Rao/Raja, Kumaru’s brother who lives in a village.
Kumar currently lives in Mumbai with his wife and son.
Rao wants Kumar to return to the village.
However, Kumar and his sister Kumari are unable to do so.
The film ends with Rao asking Kumari to stay in the village.



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