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Hi all,

TL;DR ~80% recovered from 4 wisdom teeth removal after two weeks, but (only) right cheek suddenly as hard and swollen as lost surgery again. What could be the cause but more importantly what would you suggest to expedite recovery? Thank you šŸ™‚

Wanted to see if anyone has had or know of a similar experience to mine and what was done in the scenario.

I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed on IV sleep dentistry two weeks ago (bottom too fairly badly impacted, top two slight impacting).

I had the standard balloon-face for the next several days, with about 90% of the swelling gone by the end of the first week. However, I could still only open my mouth about 1cm apart, as the right side of my face locked up in pain beyond that. I’m not sure if it was trismus, or a hard patch (was told by dentist it was probably a blood clot) that prevented any stretching movements.

Two days ago however, my right cheek started to swell again slightly, and as of yesterday morning it’s swelled as badly as two days after the surgery (which was my most swollen point).

I’ve already visited the dentist to get it checked out (my surgeon was on leave unfortunately so it was someone else), and was given antibiotics and to use a heat pack (the same as I was told during an earlier visit).

Has anyone come across all the swelling returning after mostly recovering before, and know of the cause and any ways to expedite the recovery (was looking forward to getting back to more intense physical activity and normal people food again but alas)?

Thanks in advance šŸ™‚


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