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Im currently living in Oahu, Hawaii.

And there is only one accredited dental program on the island and that is UH manoa. None of the community colleges offer dental hygiene programs.

I am currently trying to finish my pre requisites to apply for their dental program, which is super competitive. Application is once a year.

Once a year application, and they only accept 16 college students per year into the program.

I heard that to work at a private dental office, only an associates is required.

Associates in dental hygiene as well as passing your board exam and getting your license.

So since I’m going to be in the bachelors program.

Would half of that be considered an associates? If I get 60 credits would it be equivalent and I’m able to take the test?

I want to work at a dental office shadowing atleast while I finish up my bachelors. So when I’m finished, I will have experience.

So question is, if I finish half of the program, 60 credits, would I be able to apply for my license and start working?

Since you’re not technically awarded an Associates degree.


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