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So I always knew that one of my canine is a primary teeth as an adult and told myself that I’d get an implant maybe one day.

Now for some reasons, I haven’t gone to the dentist for a few years and I just went to one and discovered some things.

I have an overbite.

I have a few dental cavities.

I have no wisdom teeth so that’s good but Im also missing 2 teeth (on each side) on the extremities of the bottom of my mouth.

I knew that but what I didn’t know is that because of that, the 2 tooth just above the missing one are starting to drop down. From what I remember of what I’ve been told it’s because there no pression pushing them up (cuz there gums instead of teeth). Is that really a thing?

Another thing I learned and saw (x-ray) is that I actually have a permanent teeth above my baby canine teeth… Im pretty annoyed that I haven’t been told this by my previous dentists, I could have done smthing about it earlier…

Another thing is that just below my baby teeth is…. another baby teeth that is infected that will have to go, one day or another cuz it’ll probably break..

The solution after filling my cavities is apparently to get some braces.

First, to have enough space to pull out my adult teeth that is hidden above my canine baby teeth. If adult teeth is no good, I’ll have to get an implant.

For the other infected baby teeth, I apparently will need an implant and or a bridge (not sure).

And finally, 2 implants for the missing teeth to prevent the ones above dropping down.

So my questions are, how serious is my prognosis?

How bad is it relatively to the average adult teeth?

Is it common to still have baby teeth? (2 in my case)

It is common to have a permanent/adult teeth that didn’t go down?

Is the procedure to pull my adult teeth down common?


[edit] I do not smoke and drink, my cavities are caused by bad dental hygiene and too few dentist visits.


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