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AutoCAD 23.1

As one of the most successful commercial computer aided design applications ever to be released, AutoCAD Torrent Download is one of the top software programs in the design and drafting world. It has been developed and sold by Autodesk since 1982.The company is based in San Rafael, California and it has over 8,000 employees and sales in over 120 countries. The software allows users to create 2D and 3D drawings, map and route architectural plans, and produce highly detailed, professional-looking construction drawings.

AutoCAD started out as a DOS-based desktop application. The first version was released in January 1982 as a ‘Micro Desktop’ version that would run on a then-newly released 80386 microprocessor. The early version had a lot of bugs, the input system was clunky, and it was impossible to transfer files directly to and from other programs.

Several versions were released on floppy disks until the file-transfer system was implemented and then released as a PC-based product.

There are more than 35 AutoCAD versions released to date, including current versions released as AutoCAD 2016 and AutoCAD LT, and older versions released on disc or as downloads. The software can be used for both professional and personal use.

Functional Layout

The user interface consists of three main sections: the drawing, menus and layers. The top panel consists of the toolbars, with the most common drawing tools accessible from any toolbar (for example, the View toolbar is available at all times). The first AutoCAD release had a minimalist interface. The user could only customize the tools on the toolbars, and the program was restricted to working in either 2D or 3D.

The menus are located at the top of the screen, and they are mostly comprised of a number of options that can be selected from the pull down menu. The pull down menu contains an extensive library of commands, and a command list of the entire drawing (except annotations). The user can also access a database of predefined actions (work-flow commands).

AutoCAD layers are an essential part of the software. Layers are a special type of object used in AutoCAD to separate layers of information. They are used to organize parts of a drawing according to how they relate to each other, as well as their relationship to the user, to specific points in the drawing or to the entire file.

AutoCAD 23.1 Crack

Indented Lines

AutoCAD supports a number of ways to draw lines that take into account the line thickness, indentation and the style of the line.

These include the basic line drawing commands of lines, to dotted, dashed, or continuous lines. There are options to draw lines with equal horizontal and vertical angles, with a specified number of lines to draw, or with the option to set horizontal or vertical angle as the first or last segment of a line. There are commands to draw lines with a specified number of marks, which can be either thicker than the line itself or of the same thickness. There are commands to draw lines between two points, the endpoints of which can be specified as multi-points or extended or reference lines.

Special lines include and to create a loop in the line. The command can be used with various features like for freehand line creation. is the only command for the creation of arc shapes. There is a command, to create a line segment with rounded corners.

There are a number of ways to create a line with a rounded cap, such as with a command which also generates a circle arc,, and with circular arc endpoints and also the command. Lines can also be created with a beveled edge.

AutoCAD uses the term “line” as a generic term to describe a line, curve, and arc, while Autodesk Revit uses the term “line” only for curves and arcs.


The command creates arrows to indicate a line that is perpendicular to the start or end point of a line. can create a horizontal, vertical, left, right, or diagonal arrow.

Circles and ellipses

The command creates circles and ellipses with the option to set the diameter, the number of radial lines and the number of radiuses, for a perfect circle or ellipse. The option to select the radius of the circle or ellipse can be set for horizontal or vertical lines. If a line is chosen for the center of the circle, the command will draw a point in its center. can draw circles and ellipses from the center of the current line to a specified point, with the number of segments set to a specified number. It can also draw circles and ellipses from the endpoint of a line. can draw an arc, ellipse

AutoCAD 23.1

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Further improve your CAD drafting by establishing a markup standard for drawings. You can create, import, and edit your own markup standard using the built-in Markup Assist tool. Create a single consistent style sheet for your company to use across the entire CAD enterprise.

Easily create and edit labels in a consistent, uniform way. Use tools like Insert and Edit Label objects to quickly create labels for drafting. With Edit Label objects, you can customize the size, location, and content of your labels.

Share your designs with colleagues across your organization, or with the broader world. You can share your designs and let others annotate, change, and edit them. You can even generate animated videos with the included AutoCAD Movie feature.

Create Professional Reviews of Drawings:

Download PDFs with detailed annotations. Email annotations to colleagues, or share them with the world. AutoCAD allows you to email PDF files to a wide range of destinations including a designated project inbox, shared drive, or the cloud.

Receive and send annotations easily from others using the Review tool.

Use advanced review features like the built-in Markup Assistant tool to incorporate feedback into your designs. This is the only mobile CAD app with this functionality.

Remove annotations before printing your drawings. You can easily move annotation objects to a background layer.

CAD App Requirements:



Intel or AMD processor

1 GB of RAM

2 GB of free disk space

Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0


A monitor or projector that supports HDMI, DisplayPort, or DVI

A touch display that supports multitouch gestures, such as the Apple touch-enabled displays

A connected mouse

An external graphics card

A scanner or photo copier with a flatbed or imaging surface


The AutoCAD app is available for download from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and on Google Play on Android devices.

Important note: Any changes made to AutoCAD will not automatically appear in AutoCAD LT. After installing AutoCAD, please follow these instructions to import your design into AutoCAD LT.

To better ensure the availability of updates and product support, contact your Autodesk representative or visit Autodesk Customer Service

4 Reasons to Upgrade to AutoCAD 2023

System Requirements:

Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10
Requires a modern Windows browser and operating system (Internet Explorer 9 or later, Edge 10 or later, Chrome 49 or later, Firefox 44 or later)
OS independent
Dependency-free and platform independent
WebGL and Canvas 2D supported
OpenGL and WebGL 3.2 supported
Display Resolution: 1280 x 720
HDMI Supported
MHL Supported
2.0 & 3.0 supported

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