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What is this tiny lump? : Dentistry

Hi, everyone!

I have this tiny, taste-bud like growth in front of my gums. I floss every day and that thing doesn’t hurt, doesn’t grow and doesn’t change its shape. I was thinking of HPV, but oh well.
It appeared few months ago.

I cannot visit a dentist right now due to the pandemic annd city I’m in.

Thank you. Looking forward your answers.

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Is it ok to tell my dentist I would like my fillings BEFORE I get a deep scaling? : Dentistry

I need to have a lot of dental work done, as I finally got dental insurance just before Covid hit, after years uninsured. I’ve had deep scaling done before years ago, so I know the deal… Since deep scaling is a large out of pocket expense, is it unreasonable for me to insist on having the issues causing me pain to be addressed before the deep scaling?

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Brushing options to prevent more gum recession : Dentistry

For the past few years I’ve been brushing my teeth for too long, too aggressively (side to side brushing). I now have some gum recession on my molars and my dentist told me to get an electric toothbrush or a soft toothbrush. I purchased an oral b 1000 which has a pressure sensor. It is really powerful and to me, it’s kind of concerning how powerful it is along the gum line considering that the bristles aren’t soft. It claims that it protects the along the gum line and it does have the pressure sensor but I haven’t activated it or it just doesn’t work? But I understand how to use it and you just let the toothbrush do the work.

My other option is to manually use an ultra soft toothbrush. I (now) know how to properly brush but I am concerned about causing more damage and the plaque I could remove would be less than the electric toothbrush. Which option would be a better choice overall for preventing more gum recession while cleaning teeth effectively? I want to believe in the oral b 1000 because it claims to be good overall but the power of it concerns me.

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Do you think jaw surgery was the correct treatment for my case? : Dentistry

Do you think jaw surgery was the correct treatment for my case? : Dentistry

Hi all. I had upper jaw surgery (lefort 1) about 9 years ago to treat an anterior open bite and many TMD symptoms that had initially led me to making appointments with different specialists to try to get to the bottom of what’s causing them. When I bit down, only my back molars touched. When I was stressed I would clench frequently, and over night. It was hard not to clench because of the way my bite was. I initially wore a custom night guard to help stabilize my bite/jaw, which helped at first, and then proceeded with orthodontics. At the time I was hesitant to consider surgery and had been researching alternative approaches in orthodontics, like TADs. I really didn’t want to have surgery, and I do have anxiety related to thinking ‘did the doctors suggest the surgery because they thought it was the best option? were they just not trained in the newer approaches in orthodontics which could have potentially fixed my issue?’ Do you think my bite looks like an ortho-only case given what we know now, 9 years later? My ortho thought that surgery would be the best option given all the variables, and at the time that was what I decided to do. If the other alternative treatments failed, I thought all that effort would have been wasted and that I should have just had the surgery.

Fortunately the surgery went well except for an infection 1 year post op

In addition to the TMD issues I had very loud tinnitus, muffled hearing, eustachian tube dysfunction making me have frequent ear infections (among other symptoms), jaw would deviate on opening, constant popping and could easily lock closed. I did mouth breathe and also have issues breathing from my nose and sleeping soundly. Many of these

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Prescription Mouthwash : Dentistry

Hello everyone! So I went to the dentist last week and was told I had gingivitis. I had a gross scaling and my gums were turning pink but today they started looking red and a little swollen again. I called my dentist and asked if he could prescribe me a mouthwash but did not get back to me. Is there any recommendations for what I can do? I don’t know if I’m allowed to ask but is there any dentists here that could provide a prescription? TIA!

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Please help (toothache)

So I don’t have great dental hygiene. Wednesday night I flossed for the first time in a while and that night I woke up with really really bad pain on my lower left side (where I’ve had fillings and stuff before). The next two nights I couldn’t even sleep half the time because it hurt so bad. I also had a horrible headache. Fast forward to today and now my lower left jaw/face is swollen although there is less constant pain, just hurts to bite down and it’s like numb/sore when I smile. All the dentists near me are closed until Tuesday and I don’t know what it could be or what to do

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Invisalign before after or during implant procedure ? : Dentistry

I’ve been wanting to sort out my teeth for a while now and I have one particular gap that I want to have an implant put in but I’m fairly sure I will need a bone graft as the tooth was removed a very long time ago. I also want to straighten my teeth using something like Invisalign. Can the Invisalign process be started whilst any sort of implant process is taking place then have the final stages of the implant moulded to fit the gap or will I have to have the implant completed before starting any Invisalign treatment ?

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New night guard and oral yeast infection : Dentistry

Got a new bottom teeth night guard a week ago today. Stopped vaping 5 days ago and now on the patch. 3 days ago tongue pain started and has got worse. Today I woke up with awful taste in my mouth, my tongue and inner lip is raw, sore to talk, swallow etc. Doc says it’s oral yeast infection and has prescribed a gel which I fetch in the morning.

I brush twice a day and floss every night. Night guard soaked in Listerine mouthwash when I wake up. Have been using upper teeth night guards for over a year and never had this before. Got this new one a week ago.

  1. Is it normal for this to be extremely sore? I can’t even eat.

  2. Could new night guard cause this? 3.Any advice?

Ugh 🙁

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