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If you're looking to enhance your Minecraft playing experience, you can use Amidst (Advanced Minecraft Interface and Data/Structure Tracking) to view the world map based on the seed. It reveals the spawning point, region types, NPC villages, witch huts, deep ocean areas, Nether fortresses and others, all accompanied by coordinates.
Shows Minecraft world maps based on the seed
The tool's extremely helpful if you want to find the perfect seed for creating your Minecraft world, discovering your surroundings if you're already playing on a map, locating objects and areas (like Mesa or mushroom islands) quickly instead of spending countless hours wandering the biomes, or learning your character's position and finding your way back home if you're lost, by loading a saved game.
To be able to run Amidst, you must have Minecraft installed and an unmodded profile created. It autodetects the Minecraft edition at startup and can show the overview of a map by specifying a seed number, or it can just load it from a random seed.
View biomes, NPC villages, witch huts, fortresses, and more
The map is swiftly generated, so you can check out the spawn point, color-coded regions, or special areas like NPC villages, desert temples and witch huts. You can move the mouse over an object to learn what it is, zoom in and out, navigate the map by panning, as well as click the pencil button on the lower-right corner to be able to highlight biomes.
Shortcuts are available for jumping to any location (by coordinates) as well as for going to the world spawn, player or any stronghold. Some layers can be hidden to spot the other ones easier. Also, besides generating flat worlds, Amidst can show overviews for flat, amplitude or large biomes. The seed can be copied to the clipboard to use in the game if you like the map. You can also take screenshots and switch to another Minecraft profile if there are multiple ones available.
What the application cannot do
Saved games that were modded with tools like MCEdit or changes made to them after loading the Minecraft world cannot be reflected in Amidst. Also, the utility is not designed to locate individual blocks or mobs like animals or diamond ore.
All aspects considered, Amidst is a must-have tool for any Minecraft player who wants to improve the game by getting hold of the world map and the location of all important areas and objects.







Amidst Crack (Latest)


World map

A landscape monitor that shows the overview of a map, based on the defined seed. World maps are divided into regions and show the type of each biome. You can also see the position of strongholds, NPC villages, witch huts, deep ocean areas, lava flows, meteorite impacts, and more.

Fast generation

Although the world maps are generated based on the seed, the visualization of the biomes, NPC villages, witch huts, and other objects takes a split second.


The map is color-coded to help you perceive the location of biomes, lands, and structures. You can zoom in and out, pan the map and also click on any object to learn more about its contents.

Shows biomes

Biomes are identified by a pair of hexagons. The combination of this pair of symbols determines the biome’s weather and land type. There are dry, arid, hilly, swampy, frozen or snowy, among others.

Shows NPC villages

NPC villages have their own villager ID and are organized into villages. They can be seen in the overview as rectangle blocks with a gold or a silver-colored outline, and the green numbers identify their village ID.

Shows strongholds

Strongholds are locations identified by a red, circular icon in the overview.

Shows witch huts

Witch huts are identified by the red, circular icon in the overview.

Shows deep oceans

Deep oceans are identified by the red, circular icon in the overview.

Shows lava flows

Lava flows are identified by the red, circular icon in the overview.

Shows deep snow or ice

Deep snow or ice are identified by the red, circular icon in the overview.

Shows deep earthquakes

Deep earthquakes are identified by the red, circular icon in the overview.

Shows volcanic areas

Volcanic areas are identified by the red, circular icon in the overview.

Shows planet formations

Planet formations are identified by the red, circular icon in the overview.

Shows meteorites

Meteorites are identified by the red, circular icon in the overview.


A set of coordinates surrounded by a green circle shows the position of the initial character as well as of the stronghold.

Shows strongh

Amidst Crack+ X64 [Latest]

How to do it?
Add the -file: Amidst.jar to the Java virtual machine/command virtual machine/Minecraft application arguments (Applications>Accesories>Arguments).
To run the tool:
1. Press Windows+R then type %appdata%/Roaming/Amidst and hit Enter.
2. Select amidst.ini then select Existing file and run the game.
3. Apart from that, there are two more files: amidst.jar and To add them to the Java application, go back to arguments and add -jar amidst.jar -logging.
4. Once in the game, add the Amidst.jar file to the Java virtual machine/Application virtual machine.

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Amidst Crack+ Download PC/Windows 2022

Amidst is an Minecraft map generator which takes a seed and creates a beautifully detailed flat map of the world around you. You can then use this to find a set of coordinates of your prefered map (or custom seeds) or get a new and different map.
* Supports the following world types:
o Land > Topography
o Biomes > Flat
o Biomes > Amplitude
o The World > Custom
o Shows NPC villages, witch huts, fortresses, shulker boxes, platforms, etc.
o Shows deep oceans
o Shows spawn points
o Shows hotspot coordinates
o Shows the current player spawn, as well as the spawn point of your last saved game
o Shows spawn points for all your separate game save files
* Includes layer indicators
o Screenshot
o Object selection
o NPC villages, witch huts, fortresses, strongholds
o Spawn points
o Hot spot coordinates (coordinates of your character when you’re in your spawn point)
* Includes the current seed
* Supports multiple Minecraft profiles
* Support for screen capture, editing and saving screenshots
* Supports a rollback to a previous save game
* Support for copies and pasting (copying from somewhere else)
* Support for full stats
* Support for large sizes (including the size of blocks and abilities)
* Support for custom sizes
* Support for varying terrain (a small level of height)
* Support for custom terrain (a small level of height)
* Support for custom heights
* Support for custom heights (a small level of height)
* Support for custom tops
* Support for custom tops (a small level of height)
* Support for custom bottoms
* Support for custom bottoms (a small level of height)
* Support for custom right
* Support for custom left
* Show NPC villager inventory (if your NPC villagers have items in their inventory)
* Support for lots of other custom buildings (potato farms, etc.)
* Support for custom colors
* Support for custom rain, snow, and sunshine
* Support for custom objects
* Support for custom weather
* Support for custom fire
* Supports saving and loading of custom seeds
* Supports custom settlements
* Supports custom seeds
* Supports custom ocean depths
* Supports custom seashells
* Supports custom water
* Supports custom fish
* Supports custom NPC villagers
* Supports custom mob spawning
* Supports custom trees
* Supports

What’s New in the?

The really amazing thing about Amidst and its developers is the fact that you can run it without
having the hard copy of the world that you are in.
It is a live preview of the world that you are in. It will show you all the live aspects of the world
and your character within it. Amidst saves and shows you the world based on the seed. Amidst allows
you to see the world map that is live and it can be saved as a high res image.

Run it without having the hard copy of the world. Loads the world in a tile, so you can easily check
details. Has shortcuts for jumping to any location by coordinates and places of interest.
Shows the world map, player and the spawn location. Has multiple layers to adjust the
appearance of the world. Can show flat worlds as well as regions that are more blocky.
Has a save feature in case you want to record a world map.

What you can do with Amidst
Seed this world with the same seed. When you load the world again Amidst will show the exact world
you saw before. Change the seed and have a new world, or change the seed to a new one.

How to run Amidst
Right click the amidst.exe file and select “Run” to run the tool. Alternatively, you can
just double-click the amidst.exe file and have it load the world.

Installation instructions
Obtain the latest version from the main project page.
A Windows installer is available on the download site
If you want to be able to save the image shown in the program as a standalone image file, download the standalone
Amidst installer. It provides a batch file to easily create the image, but requires
Microsoft’s 7Zip for extracting the.7z files.
The batch file is placed in the Amidst folder, alongside amidst.exe. If the folder is moved, the batch file
must be renamed.

Known issues
Amongst’s features include a screenshot tool, a World Map, an immersive and realistic 3D
map viewer, and many more features. However, Amidst is not 100% error-proof.
It is not designed to provide answers to questions, but only shows the world in which you are
playing. If you encounter problems when using Amidst,

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS 10.5 or newer
Media Creation software such as: Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro or Avid Media ComposerQ:
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