Advice on braces please : Dentistry

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So ive only just noticed one of my bottom front teeth is slightly out of line. like from the left of my mouth up until the first front bottom tooth my teeth are in line. Then that tooth is more forward and then the rest of my teeth are in line with that tooth. that gum on that 1 tooth is a little bit lower than the rest of the teeth at the bottom and i think its because of the positioning as i dont brush hard, yes ive gone to sleep alot without brushing my teeth and the most ive gone without brushing is 3 days because i get low moods. I dont have gum pain or anything. Ive always had sensitive teeth ever since i was little. i read somewhere that the braces could re line the gums or something. Im asking will my gums be the same length. I also got one of my teeth at the top thats come down wonky if you check my recent posts. Im worried that if i have braces tho it will cause recession.


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