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so i’m only 17 years old but i was born missing one adult tooth on my upper row of teeth. i just had my baby tooth removed today because it was infected and now i’m left with a hole in my mouth. it’s not very visible but of course it’s not something i’d like to keep – the gap that is.

since i’m so young, i’ve been told that i could do an implant but i’ll not only have to wait about 4 years but also have to do a sinus lift! a crown would mean shaving my teeth down but could be done earlier. does anyone have any experiences they could share or any advice? i have extreme needle anxiety and will have to be sedated for any extreme dental procedure as i already freaked out during my tooth removal today.

i hate having a gap tooth there and 4 years is a long wait, but a crown would mean ruining my other 2 teeth next to it.


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