A loved one has a big problem and no dental insurance, anyone have suggestions? : Dentistry


So last night my boyfriend showed me this awful problem he’s been having for months. It looks like the backside of his gums on the bottom row of teeth, all behind the middle section, has almost completely deteriorated and something is sticking out, one of his teeth is rotating, but there’s just this big chunk of bone? Tooth? Just sticking out like a wall in the back. He is broke, he has no insurance, and we arent married so I cant bite the bullet and add him to my insurance or pay for it. My income is okay but I cant afford an oral surgery with no insurance when im covering rent and utilities for us plus paying him back some money I owe him. He won’t ask his dad for assistance. Are there any options for something like this for low to no income and no insurance in the state of Oregon? Or even a nearby state. It looks really, really bad, ive never seen anything like it except for the before and after photos my old dentist office used to have playing on their lobby tv and he likely won’t have a job for awhile given the current climate. Ive been running into a lot of dead ends since its oral surgery and not like, a crown or filling or a tooth falling out. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!


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