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Hi there, I am at a crossroads and looking for advice on my… ‘unique’ teeth. Pics here: http://imgur.com/a/yqdNTqI

I’m 32, female, never had braces. I have a kind of normal lower set of teeth and a very narrow upper set. As such, I have a cross bite and several teeth don’t meet at all (on the left and in front my tongue can poke through when I’m biting down). I have pretty small teeth and pointy incisors so sometimes when I’m talking it looks like just teeny points poking out. I feel like as I get older the lack of support that my teeth offer my lips is aging me when I’m not smiling.

I’ve had four consultations in the last five years: my ortho in the UK said palate widening surgery would help most, but also suggested train track braces with elastic bands. I put that on hold to spend the money moving to Canada. My ortho in Canada kind of talked me out of anything – he said I could do invisalign for minimal improvement but may find that when my teeth at the front un-cross I’d be left with a black triangle between them. He also suggested palate widening surgery but again the cost, time and amount it could change my face put me off. I then had a consultation with smile direct, out of interest, and they seemed to think that they could make magic happen with clear aligners – 10% wider-looking smile and straightened teeth – and didn’t mention any issues. I was put off by the fact the person I saw wasn’t a dentist, it felt like globo gym and they needed my credit card details right away. Just today I had a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. He of course briefly mentioned surgery but said he wouldn’t want to change the shape of my face, wasn’t sold on invisalign, and suggested 8 minimal prep veneers to straighten the front teeth and create the illusion of a wider smile. He noted that it wouldn’t fix my bite, but as I don’t have major issues (no snoring / sleep issues) this is what he would do if it was his mouth.

So here I am, with very little knowledge of dentistry but a lot of time spent on reddit and YouTube trying to find a case like mine with a success story to follow! Would love to hear some thoughts.

TLDR – should I get braces, invisalign, veneers or accept my fate with a narrow smile and small teeth? my teeth


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