8 Effective Ways to Get Your Child Brushing Their Teeth


It may be a difficult task for you to guide your child towards a healthy dental routine, but it is something that should not be neglected. You are surely not the only one who struggles with this.

There may be complications you come across when teaching your child to learn how to brush properly, however, it will surely be worth it in the long run. This is they would get into the habit and continue to follow the dental routine they were taught as they grow.

Guidance can be brought upon all children with different brushing techniques and it is significant to know which method is the best and effective.

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Here are 8 fun tricks that may motivate your child to brush more and enjoy it:

  • 01Make the toothbrush choice, your child’s choice . Let your kid pick out his or her own toothbrush. This could be based on being colored, cartoon themed or even the ones that light up when it is squeezed. There are various options available in the market to choose from. In preference, you can buy matching toothbrushes just for you and your little one such as with their colors.
    Just remember to make sure the toothbrush is a soft bristled one. If it is not a soft bristled toothbrush, this could do the opposite from taking care of the teeth and gums. Harsh brushing with tougher bristles may lead to damage onto the gums.

  • 02Practice together with your kid. Practice definitely makes perfect. Let your child enjoy while they practice brushing the teeth of their favorite stuffed animal. You may even let him brush yours too! When they are done, give them a chance to brush their own teeth next. Be sure to check and brush any of the spots that they might have missed to make sure their teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned.
    Remember, to brush twice a day with a pea size amount of toothpaste to ensure a healthy dental routine. Once they get the hang of brushing their teeth, it will improve their daily routine and positively impact their health in the future years.

  • 03Make the tooth brushing session fun. Show your child that brushing is fun. If he’s hesitant about letting you brush his teeth, let him watch you as you carefully brush yours. Children love to copy what adults do and this could be the key to getting him engaged in taking care of his own oral health.

  • 04Add a step that you know your child will love
    .Spice things up and add some fun to the routine. While they try to brush their teeth, make up silly words and dance along!
    You can dance to their favorite song and with them. This would possibly even make them look forward to when it is time to brush their teeth as they would be aware that this is the time to also dance around with their parents!

  • 05Add a pop of color. There are chewable tablets that turn plaque into a pink color which your child can have as an easier and more fun way to brush away the bacteria.This makes brushing more playful while they brush away the pink color around their mouth and persuade them to use their toothbrush to brush away all the dirt.

  • 06Name the teeth. Make your kids have the understanding that each tooth in their mouth is important. Let your child give each tooth a nickname and remind them that not a single toothy character should be left out.
    This would bring them to clean each tooth better around their mouth, recognizing each tooth with a name. You can start by naming the molars at the back of the mouth as it may be more difficult reaching those teeth further away.

  • 07Praise for the good dental tasks.Be your child’s own tooth fairy. You have to bring them guidance everyday and make sure they are following a great dental routine. Do not forget to praise your child and reward them for a job well done!
    These baby teeth need to be taken care of properly as much as adult teeth and will affect their future oral health!

  • 08Include a flavor they love. Flavor counts in what they are tasting. Let them choose the flavor that appeals to their taste preference. This could be the single most important factor to getting them hooked on brushing. Additionally, be sure to use toothpaste that is specially made for kids.

Brushing should not be an activity where children see it as a chore. Do not give up if you are struggling to have your child be into the habit of brushing their teeth right away! Make these moments more fun so they do not hesitate to pick up their toothbrush next time.

At Dr. Michael’s Children’s Center, our specialist pediatric dentists can deliver the best guidance to educate children on the significance of a good dental routine and make it fun! Children will surely have the feel of being in a friendly and relaxing dental environment, while their teeth are being checked on.

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