2nd opinion for ongoing crown issues : Dentistry

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I’m wondering what the best specialty would be to get a second opinion on. I had a crown (CEREC tooth 19) done last October, and it was a little off, and so I went back in for an adjustment after two weeks. I was away from home for several months, so had to follow up with a different general dentist to adjust it once. It never calmed down and I ended up getting a root canal, and all was well for about a month, then it started bothering me again. Sprained tooth type symptoms. I had it adjusted a couple more times by the original dentist, and the last time he also made a minor adjustment to to 18. Since then, I’ve started having TMJ type pain and the root canaled tooth above it (14) gets a little irritated and it feels like my sinuses get irritated if I eat chips, and the first molar on that side has a little occasional lateral contact. I’m considering asking for a lab made replacement, but want to have my bite analyze elsewhere. Should I seek a TMJ specialist, and orthodontist, or??? This has gone on for so long. I don’t want to lose the tooth or have any other healthy teeth adjusted. The only thing that changed since everything was fine was the crown.


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