Baby teeth + missing teeth : Dentistry

So I always knew that one of my canine is a primary teeth as an adult and told myself that I’d get an implant maybe one day.

Now for some reasons, I haven’t gone to the dentist for a few years and I just went to one and discovered some things.

I have an overbite.

I have a few dental cavities.

I have no wisdom teeth so that’s good but Im also missing 2 teeth (on each side) on the extremities of the bottom of my mouth.

I knew that but what I didn’t know is that because of that, the 2 tooth just above the missing one are starting to drop down. From what I remember of what I’ve been told it’s because there no pression pushing them up (cuz there gums instead of teeth). Is that really a thing?

Another thing I learned and saw (x-ray) is that I actually have a permanent teeth above my baby canine teeth… Im pretty annoyed that I haven’t been told this by my previous dentists, I could have done smthing about it earlier…

Another thing is that just below my baby teeth is…. another baby teeth that is infected that will have to go, one day or another cuz it’ll probably break..

The solution after filling my cavities is apparently to get some braces.

First, to have enough space to pull out my adult teeth that is hidden above my canine baby teeth. If adult teeth is no good, I’ll have to get an implant.

For the other infected baby teeth, I apparently will need an implant and or a bridge (not sure).

And finally, 2 implants for the missing teeth to prevent the ones above dropping down.

So my questions are, how serious is my prognosis?

How bad is it

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Marketing Botox : Dentistry

Dear dentists,

I have been implementing botox in my treatment planning for a few months now with great results. It’s a great way to add some finishing touches to aesthetic work and manage TMD issues; however, it has become a very situational service in my practice and I find myself sitting on a mountain of botox that I never touch. It’s gotten to the point that we get the whole team botox’d up just to go through it so it doesn’t expire after we open up a vial.

I was wondering if any of you had any tips on marketing botox as a regular service in your practice. I want to spread the word that this is something we provide without making it look tacky!

I was thinking of putting a menu outside to inform about different services we offer (I’ve seen it done at other offices), but I’m afraid that some patients may respond negatively to this; on the other hand, patients that hear we do botox are for the most part pleasantly surprised and undergo treatment.

I was also thinking that we should work first on bolstering our social media presence and then start throwing botox parties. We planned one last year that was a flop because it was difficult to get the word out :[.

Thoughts? Advice? Please and thank you!

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Dental school debt : Dentistry

Totally depends on the situation. I know some people that paid if off in as little as 3 years living very minimally and others that let is accumulate over 10+ years to make larger financial obligations (purchasing practices, homes, etc.). You need to weigh your options and take into account your goals.

Sounds like you’re already starting off with minimal debt and lower tuition; that’s is a HUGE plus! Pay down your interest, pay off your highest interest rate loans first. It’s only money lol

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Mexican Dentist trying to migrate to the UK : Dentistry

So im in dental school here in Mexico, my English is pretty good since i did middle school and high school across the border in Texas. I would love to do my practice in the UK. I am still undecided if I should do first a masters in Periodontology first in Mexico or try to go as a General Dentist to the UK as soon as I graduate. Any advice from foreign dentist practicing overseas in the UK. Much appreciated

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Looking for dental professionals to test our electric toothbrush. : Dentistry

We have a new electric toothbrush update coming and we would like to recruit dental professionals and dental students as product testers.

Responsibilities ● You commit at least 21 days to using the product and providing feedback. ● You live in the continental US. ● You’re between the ages of 18 and 45. ● You shall not publicly disclose any information relating to the product. We need you to fill out a mutual non-disclosure agreement. ● You have a Facebook account. We’ll be using a private Facebook group to manage the logistics and communication.

Benefits ● You get to keep the product. ● You get to be one of the first to check out our new oral care product. ● You get to have close contact with our team to help guide our development.

How to apply Just reply to this thread or PM me if you’re interested.

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