Clinical decision making with an emotional bias : Dentistry

Today I had a patient who came in requesting for extraction of 32(lower left lateral incisor)

32 was firm without any sign of disease. I asked her why she wanted it extracted. She wasn’t very sure, she just wanted it out.

Reading through her records, about two weeks ago, an associate of mine had put it in her Tx plan to extract 32 because it was proclined and wouldn’t look good for her dentures. She had consented to the plan.

A week later she was scheduled to extract 32 with another associate of mine. In the records, it was stated that she refused the extraction, so a new plan was made making sure she acknowledged the fact that her dentures might not look good.

Today, she came in wanting it extracted. I asked her if she was sure. I saw her face sorta change. As if she came in wanting to get an extraction and now my question; Are you sure? , had made her doubt everything again.

I hate extracting sound teeth for denture purposes. I truly believe that nothing will ever replace the feeling of a natural tooth and if you are on your way to wearing dentures, might as well save all you got.

I think I did make her change her mind with that question. I only asked her that knowing how a few of my other previous patients had felt after extracting their teeth for the purpose of aesthetics.

Anyways, here’s my question; should i tell my patients to not extract their teeth when they came in wanting exactly that? Is it really my job to change their perception? Is it my job to tell the next patient, no you can RCT that tooth or all that needs is a good cleaning? You can save

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Efficiency running two columns : Dentistry

New grad here. My clinic wants me to start running two columns. 1st for procedures and 2nd for new pt exams and then hygiene checks as well. I have always been mindful of peoples’ times in general so I know I will feel bad making PTs wait while I do other things. What are good times to stop to do exams, how long should I be doing pt exams for, and what tips can you offer me to be as efficient as possible. Additionally where can I go to read more about this topic. Thanks!

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Seeking advice from dentists from Malaysia who have migrated to other countries : Dentistry

Currently in my final year of dental school, and am flirting with the idea of leaving the country? For those of you who have already migrated, I’d really like to ask some advice about your experience like the technical aspects of it, did you work in Malaysia before graduating, whether you feel it was worth it, if the patient experience is any different in another country compared to in Malaysia? Thank you in advance.

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Pay range for Dental Lab


I am looking into a position at a Dental Lab doing Staining and Glazing. I do not have prior experience but I do have dental office experience. I asked for a range of what they pay for this position but they declined sharing. Its hard to find much online for a similar position. Does anyone know what a reasonable range would be to expect for this?

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Admin and I am in the Midwest.

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Future trends in pain control : Dentistry

Hello! I’m a 3rd year dental student and I have an assignment on “future trends in pain control”. I’m relying mainly on Stanley F. Malamed’s Handbook of Local Anesthesia (7th edition, 2020) as my main source, and in a chapter dedicated to this topic they mentioned longer and ultra long acting local anesthetics derived from shellfish and puffer fish toxins, liposomal bupivacaine, and light-activated and light-inactivated local anesthesia. Has any of you heard, read or saw another new technology in this topic, and does anyone know another source that I can check out for more ideas?

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Any dentists working part time in academia? What’s your experience/how do you get hired? : Dentistry

Hey everyone,

I’m almost half way done with dental school, and I’ve dealt with a variety of faculty throughout my education thus far.

Some professors are obviously very strict and others are more easy going, and I definitely would be more of the latter when it comes to handling students. Ever since working as a tutor in both high school and college, I really want to work part time in a dental school, either giving lectures or helping in the sim lab or clinic.

For dentists who work part time in academia, what’s been your experience? How did you get hired part time? Also kind of a silly question, what were your grades like as a student? I always feel like the super successful faculty who are published and have positions in organized dentistry (I aspire to one day as well) were stellar students.

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